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  • Hello Pankaj,

    Their are hundred of ways to promote and get traffic by 0% budget but it fully depends on you and your marketing team how you are playing with internet.
    Here are some tips and websites that will surely enhance your traffic:

    • Reddit Marketing : use relevant subreddit and post high quality content and comment do not do any unnecessary and excessive exerciser on reddit.
    • Social Media groups: find out relevant social groups at least you should target 100 groups.
    • Join Pinterest group boards.
    • Email influences for promotion also known as outreach process
    • regular blogging
    • Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs but relevant comments.
    • Using Quora posting relevant answers.
    • Add internal links from older posts to your new content.
    • Create your startup profile
    • Optimise using proper SEO checklist
    • Call to action on every blogs or instructions
    • Email marketing
    • and most important check your targeted audiences
    • Rest do more and more research and keep looking and searching for new and best ideas :)

  • Wordpress or blogspot is a free tool(you don't have to pay) where you can write your blog but also remember to put comments and picture courtesy or content courtesy if taken from anyone's site. Remember to also comment on people's blog and encourage them. From SEO point of blogging about your website is a must have option.

    Reddit is a good platform but to post in Reddit you have to be Redditor not as a Marketer, Reddit likes the trueself of a person if you are marketing it make sure you be true to the subreddit admins. Make yourself clean 90% of the time admins like to approve your post or people upvote it if you say the truth. In reddit one more thing to be taken account that please respect the guidelines of the subreddit you are posting and always posts should be made specified to the reddit. Avoid spamming in the reddit and yes generously comment, upvote on others subreddit. Reddit empire is like a Roman Empire and needs days to build your reputation just like the saying says Rome was not built in a day.

    Quora is also a great place to start, as you can answer lots of questions and you can also cleverly put your website link on them be sure that you address people carefully and always keep a trump card in your sleeves to advertise your product.

    Email marketing is very cheap,Use free email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Getresponse to send automated messages to your user and make sure that your contact form in the website is connected with the auto-responders correctly.

    Growthhacker is another tool where you can post about your website write blogs comment on others article to get traffic in your website always try to invite people on your website.

    Be SUPERACTIVE in Social Media Platforms and maintain Customer Relationship Management while doing that. Be accurate, be swift when you are mentioned in any social media platforms. Give time yourself to engage with people in social media platform by making social media profiles of you brand.

    Last but not the least attack your illegitimate attackers who are trying to make a bad name about your brand.

  • There are some following website promotion tactics you need for explosive traffic. 1-Facebook groups 2-Email influencers for promotion. 3-Join Pinterest group boards. 4-Influencer roundups for blog posts. 5-Find bloggers who do round-up and resource posts. 6-Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs. 7-Use Quora and help with relevant answers. 8-Add internal links from older posts to your new content. 9-Optimize using an SEO checklist. 10-Repurpose your content for social sharing. 11-Syndicate your content with other networks.

  • Hi Pankaj,

    Thanks for asking a great and trending question here. There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today. Getting traffic on the website in a short time is very big task for everyone but social media is the best option to get traffic in short time on your website. I am going to explain some killer and interesting way to generate traffic through social media.

    1. Facebook- Facebook is a great promotion tool whether youre in the B2B or B2C industry. Here you can share your interesting blog related to your products information and offers. Also you can share in a Facebook groups related to your brands.

    2. Reddit- Reddit also a great option to generate traffic on your blog or website, It is discussion and informative blog sharing website there have very large community members of all categories , here you can start discussion and share your blog.

    3. Twitter- Twitter is the best way to boost your business on social media. Post 3-4 tweets regularly on your Twitter timeline. Create a list and add interesting people in this and also share your post in this list.

    4. Pinterest- Pinterest is the collection of pinboard where you can pin your blogs, videos and images to increase the presence under the board. You must use Hashtags as it opens gates to growth for your business.

    5. Google Plus- Google+ is also very beneficial to increase your brands presence. Share 3-4 posts regular with proper hashtags. Joined the G+ group related to your business and share your post there.
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