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  • How To Protect Your Blog Content and Make it SEO Worth

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    One nice thing about beginning your own blog is when you jump to see web movement, subscribers, and money come flowing in. There are bloggers who basically steal your content by scratching it. There are even bloggers who get graded high in the search engines because of scratching other people’s content. Here are some methods that you can apply to guard your blog content from against taken or scratched.


    Run Plagiarism Checker

    One method you can check to get if anyone else copied your web content is to run plagiarism software. You will be able to catch anyone who is using your work as their own. You can make sure that your work is also totally exclusive and unique since you are also accountable for not copying other people’s content.


    Create Personal Flair In Your Content

    To battle blog scrapers and sluggish bloggers, you have to make some talent into your web content. This is problematic to duplicate and if someone does copy your style, people are going to identify it right away. This is one easier way to make it more problematic for people to steal your content.


    Copyright Your Web Content

    You must ponder copyrighting each blog posting you put up because it will guard it from spammers and scrapers. DMCA site is a respectable facility to use if you want to shield your web content.


    Watermark Your Photos

    Different things scrapers like to take are pictures. You can style a watermark on every one of your photos that you use so you can shield your web content from thieves. It is stress-free to make watermarks on photos. You will need to save the photo as a ‘dpi’ file so you can protect the quality.


    On Your Blog Site, Install A Copyright Proof Plugin

    This kind of plugin works well so you can show everyone that you are a trustworthy writer of the content you publish on your website. Your content will have an exclusive stamp you will be able to use anytime another person goes to steal your content.


    Linking Your Articles

    One more great method to keep your site content safe is to intensely link your blogs to other postings within your site. You can also link the pictures as well. If a person were to steal your content by copying and pasting it onto their site, your link will stay active.



    This is a tool that spontaneously creates a backlink right to your site when an individual steals your web content. The backlinks give you the ability and page rank so you can get the top result in the search engines. This will create more web traffic to your site so you can get paid for the content you wrote. Traffic is what a blogger wants on his blog so in this way, you will actually get his traffic too.


    Disable The Right Click Function

    One more way you can protect your content from thieves is to disable the right click feature on your site. This will make it difficult for someone to simply copy and paste your content and use it as their own.


    Contact The Thieves

    One more method you can have your content secured is to say thieve to take down the taken content. This has been extremely operative for many people since there are bloggers who incorrectly put up other people’s content without understanding it. Just tell him in a way that he does not get offended. You should make him think that he might have mistakenly uploaded your content on his blog.


    About Writer: Alison Ceres is a Content Developer, Pro Writer, and a Blogger. She frequently writes about the online marketing and its different aspects. She is also members of professional dissertation writers who assist students in research and writing of academic papers.

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