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  • How To Import MongoDB Database on Ubuntu 14.04?

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    Importing Information Into MongoDB

    If you want to import information into MongoDB database, lets take an example to import the database of resturants. It's in json format and can be downloaded using wget:




    After download is complete, you should have the file called primer-datset.json in the current directory. Now let's import the data into new database called newdb and into collection called restaurants. Type the command to import:

    sudo mongoimport --db newdb --collection restaurants --file primer-dataset.json 


    The result should look like this:

    Output of mongoimport


    2016-01-17T14:27:04.806-0500    connected to: localhost
    2016-01-17T14:27:07.315-0500    imported 26000 documents

    26000 documents have been imported as shown above. MongoDB will be created automatically now


    Let's verify the import by connecting to the newly created MongoDB database called newdb like this:

    sudo mongo newdb 

    Now you are connected to newly created database instance called newdb

    Count the documents in the restaurants collection with the command:



    This command will show total number of imported documents 26000. For even better check you can select the first document from the restaurants collected in the following way:


    The result should look like this:

    Output of db.restaurants.findOne()

            "_id" : ObjectId("569beb098106480d3ed99926"),
            "address" : {
                    "building" : "1007",
                    "coord" : [
                    "street" : "Morris Park Ave",
                    "zipcode" : "10462"
            "borough" : "Bronx",
            "cuisine" : "Bakery",
            "grades" : [
                            "date" : ISODate("2014-03-03T00:00:00Z"),
                            "grade" : "A",
                            "score" : 2
            "name" : "Morris Park Bake Shop",
            "restaurant_id" : "30075445"


    To exit the MongoDB prompt, type exit at the prompt:



    Now you will be exited from the command line prompt.


    Thanks for reading the blog.


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