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  • How To Get Great App UI From Android App Developers?

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    Mobile apps  help companies to set their first impression on public very quickly. The first impression is important as even if the app is useful, user will not try it if it isn’t pleasing and interesting. Thus, there are apps on which investing time is always fruitful. You can get great app UI with the assistance of your hired android app developers’ team that will invest its time and efforts to bring out the most interesting and professional looking application for your business.


    What we want to say is that if an app looks ugly and unpleasant, or unprofessional, it is going to get deleted or forgotten by users. What’s important is the design and UI of the application software. What things make a strong, interesting UI? If you are a developer, how you will assure that app is aesthetic and feels exact it needs to be?

    First thing you should do is to look at Google’s own apps, like calendar app, gmail, chrome, youtube, etc. all have some clear similarities in their feel and look. Experts use brighter colors, more animations and simple geometric shapes.

    If you are a developer and wish to create a new app, you need to follow suit and take some of that similar design language on board. This design is that design language Material Design. Major hallmarks of material design are-


    • High contrast
    • Bold graphics
    • Large typography
    • Pastel shades
    • Intentional white space


    Think about branding and identity

    You should never try to copy apps owned by Google as it will not make good impression on the users. It is important to have a strong branding that is felt throughout your design and that you can use as a label to remind people about your company.


    Understand the color theory

    The whole science is selecting right color theme for the app. You must use complementary colors for your app to avoid ugly clashes and to promote harmony. Make sure color scheme should be appealing to user’s eye or else he will switch off the app and uninstall it.


    Typography is next task

    You must select right visible and clear font style for your user audience. Readability is the major concern here.


    These are the few key things that will help you in getting great android app UI from your professional hired android app developers. Remember them and avail the best designer app for your business.


    Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.  

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