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  • How To Create Your WordPress Theme Responsive?

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    It is incredibly important to have a responsive website.. You need to read this post if you are generally running a static theme and also desire to make it responsive. It will be easier to do so than customizing as well as already taking responsive theme which mainly fit your design. It will be beneficial for you to understand the significant importance of it in practical terms; you are merely interested in learning the specific way of implementation of the responsive design.


    How To Mainly Convert Your WordPress Theme To Responsive Design?


    For this, firstly, you need to go over the important basics of the responsive designs.

    •       Flexible images
    •      Fluid site grid which is mainly with proportionate instead of the fixed measures
    •      For non-desktop devices, implementation of the design changes for ensuring usability
    •      For design changes, using the CSS media queries to define breakpoints


    There is a particular way of learning the usage of the usage of the above for mainly turning a static WordPress theme into a responsive one. For this, you need to be aware of the fact that the principles always stay the same. The theme also might be built differently alongside. So, it is considered as the broad strokes. For your sites, you also might have to be involved in some custom work.


    WordPress web design


    Tools That Will Be Needed By You

    We need to implement some of the essential tools which are available readily. For this, you, first of all, need to check the structure of the site such as CSS and also HTML. One of the most favorite tools for doing so is considered as the Firebug. But apart from that, you can also use Firefox Developer Tools and also Chrome Developer Tools.


    Additionally, you also have to edit some of the important HTML as well as PHP files. For this, a simple text editor such as Notepad ++ will work. There are also various options which are available other than that. In a local development environment, you also want to consider setting up your site. So, without messing with your live site, you can easily experiment with it so, it makes it more responsive.


    1. Defining Default Zoom

    It is considered as the very first step which mainly helps to add the following code line to the particular header of the site. It also tells browsers for primarily rendering your pages which are based on the width of the device. This particularly means that if the overall screen used is only 320px wide then instead of falling back to a larger default size, then the mainly the website will be rendered in the same size.


    Also, things are generally added in WordPress, and so, in your theme folder, it is imperative to do it by editing the header.php file. Now, the code mainly goes between the <head> and </head> tags.


    2. Setting Fluid Elements Heights And Widths

    For the significant sections of your site, the next thing is to find the containers mainly. So, for this, the Firebug mostly comes in handy. So, inside the browser, it mainly possesses the capability to display the HTML structure of your website.


    3. Resizing Images

    According to the screen size, our images are scaled automatically after this. This is much easier to be done.


    4. Implementing The Right Break Points

    For your design changes, it is vital to move on to the breakpoints after the introduction of the basic responsiveness.


    These are mainly considered as the cutoff points where the website will mainly make some of the important adjustments related to the designs for continuing delivery of the best layout for all the users.


    5. Creating A Mobile Menu

    One of the trickiest parts is to create a responsive menu mainly. This is especially if you want it to be collapsible.


    6. Adapting Fonts

    Another important thing which you need to do is to adjust fonts which can be easily controlled with the help of CSS inside media queries. Also, you need to do the other changes and then finally finish it up.



    Thus, as per the scenario you need to hire WordPress developers, as they are essential to make the overall WordPress theme responsive. So, it finally helps to increases the overall productivity of a website owner.

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