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  • How To Create A Simple Animation With The Help Of Jquery

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    Simple Animations With The Help Of Jquery

    You can slide elements or any content of HTML and even stop animations in mid-sequence. To slide elements up or down.
      $("#Element").slideDown("fast", function() {
            // For slide down
        $("#Element").slideUp("slow", function() {
            // For slide up
        $("#Element").slideToggle(1000, function() {
            // For slide up/down
    The new styles, but instead of setting them instantly (as CSS or raw JavaScript would do), it does so gradually, animating
    the effect at the chosen speed:
        opacity: .3,
        width: "500px",
        height: "700px"
        }, 2000, function() {
        // optional callback after animation completes
    Animation with jQuery is the very powerful, and it does have its quirks (for example, to animate colors, you need a special

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