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  • How Oracle ATG web commerce platform benefits the e-commerce sites

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    In Spite of tough competition in the marketplace, many brands are competing with one another to showcase their products and to drive the best customer experience. Presenting your business online is not enough to fight the competition, you need to select a path or a channel that helps in gaining the customers experience and loyalty so as to ensure future growth.

    Moreover, the ecommerce platforms used do not meet the customers expectations and limit the business progress. In that aspect, there needs to be attention for the sophisticated softwares that meets the emerging business demands.Oracle ATG web commerce platform is one such among them.

    Oracle ATG web commerce platform

    The ATG web commerce platform from Oracle is the leading industry ecommerce solution that drives the world's renowned brands effectively. It is a highly customizable and configurable framework for building and developing ecommerce websites. With the help of the ATG commerce platform, one can create personalized shopping experiences. It is an integrated platform adhered by the SaaS platform so as to target the potential buyers with high conversion rates.

    The challenges that can be achieved with Oracle ATG web commerce platform are:

    • This ecommerce solution can automate and customize the customer shopping experiences.
    • Resolving customer queries and increasing sales.
    • Helps to keep the customers loyalty.
    • High flexibility, easy implementation and helps the customers to find their interests very easily.
    • Easily the updates, new lists, pre-order bookings, redeem coupons etc.

    Why does every industry need ATG web commerce solutions?

    Each and every industry needs ATG web commerce solutions because of the following reasons:

    • It helps in increasing the revenue stream for the industries across all communication platforms.
    • It helps in driving customer oriented business decisions and advantages.
    • High traffic converting as loyal customers, bulk orders and repetitive purchases or orders from the same customers.
    • One can eventually monitor the customer buying experience, sales and market trends and then take decisions  based on it.
    • The monitoring feature helps to retain or abandon customers back to the website.

    Advantages of Oracle ATG web commerce solutions:

    ATG web commerce platform is designed so as to gain high performance in meeting the business challenges.

    • Upgraded components helps to gain enhanced ecomerce features.
    • Your product listings can be easily accessible and viewed by the customers.
    • You can customize your shopping site according to your business needs and sales.
    • Helps in improving customer experience, high conversion rates.
    • It can easily refer the right customers to the right products.

    How does Oracle ATG web commerce work?

    ATG web commerce applications serve the needs of multiple industries with high performances and attractive features. 

    • The Oracle ATG web commerce platform includes 3 layers, namely:Dynamo Application framework(DPF): It is a foundation layer that develops the components by using the Javabeans and Jsps. Developers assemble the applications  with the help of the configuration file in Nucleus,  ATG’s open object framework.
    •  Personalization Module:(DPS)-It provides support for the content that dynamically changes on the website. By using this module you can show the content to the preferred customers only. Moreover targeted email is supported by using this layer.
    • Scenarios Module(DSS): It extends the capabilities of the personalization module with some time sensitive scenarios that helps in creating the event driven campaigns in order to manage the visitors and the content on the website accordingly.


    At present ecommerce dipped solutions are becoming more valuable and reliable because of it's easy to use and hassle free nature of doing businesses. Moreover future adoption for ecommerce will be very high when compared to the present. Doing online business with the power of e-commerce platforms will yield good results. So start learning the Oracle ATG  training course today as it is the most powerful platform to meet the current business needs of the ecommerce industries.

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