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  • How I became a $50k Blogger with Engaging Content?

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    Who does not want to become a top earning professional?


    It is the dream of every single person to not just make millions of dollars but also to become the most famous person in the world.


    Though both things are not as easy as we say.


    Still, there is a profession which is available for all to help you to become popular and also earn as much as you can.


    This profession is blogging.


    Blogging is a profession which has changed the lived of thousands of people worldwide, including me.


    It`s been 3 successful years since the day I have started blogging and I have never regretted my decision. Nowadays I am earning what most people only dream about. Living a dream of $50k per/month is what I have earned. Not just that but also the name and fame.


    Today I am going to share how I became a $50k Blogger. Let`s start now.


    Why I choose blogging profession:


    • When most of the world is busy in struggling to become an engineer, doctor, scientists I made a strange decision to become a blogger.
    • Most of the people ask me that why I choose to blog.
    • MY reason is that I can`t work under a Boss who is going to eat my nerves all the time.
    • Blogging has given me everything. Not just money but it helped me to get free from office jobs and live the life on an entrepreneur.
    •  I choose to do blogging for money but also to become famous.
    • Now as you know my reason for choosing blogging as a serious profession,
    • Let`s see how I became a $50k Blogger.
    • There are many steps that helped me to become a $50k blogger such as;


    How I became a $50k Blogger?


    1) Start a blog:


    The very first thing that you need to become a blogger is to start a blog.

    How can you become a blogger without a blog?

    I just managed few things that every blogger needs to start a blog such as:

    A) Domain Name
    B) Niche
    C) Professional theme
    d) Web Hosting


    2) Important Pages:


    Every blog needs some important pages such as:

    A) About us
    B) Contact Us
    C) Disclaimer
    D) Privacy Policy
    E) Sitemap


    These pages help people and search engines understand what my blog is all about how what are the terms to use my blog. It also helps people to know more about me and why I am are running a blog.


    3) Installed Important widgets:


    To make my blog go viral and grab more social shares I have installed social sharing widget on my blogs. This helped me to easily grab more eyes. People started sharing what they like on my blog and this way I am getting more and more traffic everyday. I have also installed email option for people who want to subscribe my blog. This helps people to get regular updates without even visiting my blog. This way I am getting loyal readers. I have also added comment option for my blog readers so that they can comment about what they like what more they want.


    4) Engaging Content:


    I have started creating content that helps people to solve their daily issues regarding the popular website and online money making opportunities. I have also started sharing what helps people to become an online entrepreneur. This helped me to gain more readers as everyone wants to make money online.


    5) Monetizing Content:


    Above all things has helped my content go viral. Now the time was to make money. So I started monetizing my blog content.

    I used Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, Affiliate products, and sponsored posts. I have also started running my very own blogging courses for those who want to learn my ways how I am making money online. Every month I am teaching 3-8 students who want to make money online. These things helping me to grab more traffic and make more money. This way I am making $50k every month.


    So now you know how I reached my goal. Still there is much to do as I am going t live a dream of million dollar blogger.


    If you also want to do what I do either visit my blog or ask me via comments.

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