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  • How Does Digital Marketing Help Startups to Get Leads?

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    Do you require customers for your business?


    It is no big deal, if you‘re a brand. But, a startup should ground up from scratch. It’s a big challenge because online marketing is no more effective as it used to be. It doesn’t go with the digital flow. Brochure, flyers and newspaper are the offbeat advertising hacks where the marketers used to bet on. Sales take a long time to show up.    


    But, digital marketing begins to roll out results in a relatively short time. Visibility airs you everywhere across the World Wide Web (WWW). You, being online, don’t need to distribute pamphlets and wait to see whether or not it’s working. The inquiry calls start ringing with your first PPC ad on the internet. Furthermore, you can make your presence consistent through the SEO, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. Even, you can run free ads on various social media networks.


    So! What is your plan?



    Have you come across which online marketing campaigns should be focused on?


    Mainly, you should emphasize on these three goals:

    ·         Getting more  traffic

    ·         Pushing sales & enquiries up

    ·         Raising brand awareness


    How does digital marketing help Startup business and get leads?

    These goals are easily achievable. How-Let’s get the idea through these digital marketing alternatives:


    1.       Free: This alternative is absolutely free. You don’t need to spend a single coin.

    a.)    Social Media Marketing:

    Just set up social media account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your brand name. Continue to publish fresh content more often; roll out surveys; place ads as a post and place a button with Call –to-Action (like click, post inquiry, book now etc.).


    b.)    SEO: It stands for search engine optimization. The search engine experts screen your website with a view to analyze for optimization, be it on-page or off page optimization. Betting on the SEO means ensuring organic traffic, visibility and leads.  With a little practice, you can do it on your own. However, the supervision of experienced SEO geeks is essential for maximizing the value and benefits of the search engine optimization.


    c.)     Dive into Analytics:

    Get through their dashboard wherein you can easily catch up all activities and their performance online. Moreover, the Facebook Insights-for example can easily enrich you with keywords or the most searchable phrases.  Jot them down somewhere and save for the future campaigns. 


    d.)    Google My Business Listing:

    Google My Business registration ensures that your business is registered with Google now. A website shared astounding figure of its searches. According to it, this search engine leads by 90.46% searches amongst all search engines. On an average, it receives 63,000 queries every second on any given day. Every searcher asks at least thrice or four times a day. 


    Now, your brand can be a part of those searches every day. Being enlisted into Google My Business page, you come closer to upselling. It’s so because people trust the reviews, testimonials, office address, warehouse/ store on Google. Its goodwill underlies. Thereby, the inquiries often come your way easily through this registration.


    2.       Affordable paid ads:  Ads have been show-stealer for years. Their digital version is very effective, as you appear at the top of other ranking websites on SERPs. It means that the start-up firms instantly catch the eyeballs of the prospective customers with the rolling of their ads. They prefer Google Adwords to ensure their visibility in search results. Amongst all, PPC or CPC ads are mostly preferred. They are affordable and have a high return on investment (ROI).


    These steps let you gear up for the preferable digital ad campaigns:

    ·         Determine and analyze goal for expansive visibility and skyrocketing traffic.

    ·         Choose between the local and global ad. (Select target location)

    ·         Highlight Uniform Selling Proposition (USP) in three compelling sentences to engage customers.

    ·         Choose your budget to encapsulate it monthly. It’s adjustable anytime.

    ·         The ads will start displaying with the niche-based search results.


    This is how your ad campaign will be ready to roll out. The economy of bidding will depend on the types of Google Ads, which are Search Network Campaign (text ads), Display Network Campaign (image-based ad) and video campaigns (video-based ads).      


    3.       Display advertisement:  Being related to motion picture, its propensity to engage people is more than any other ad.  However, it’s costlier that other search campaigns. But, you can get a lead within 6 to 15 seconds, as it usually runs within this time limit. 


    4.       Affiliate Marketing: A start-up entrepreneur often intends to earn profit. This is the one method that can earn limitless money digitally. The word ‘Affiliate’ determines connection or association. Many eCommerce websites offer the opportunity to be the affiliate. They handover a URL called an affiliate link to track the progress of the affiliate promotion. Likewise, there is an affiliate ID that should be integrated into any page of the product site.


    It is an off page promotion that you can begin with a blog and blogging. Write excellent content that a user can’t resist or ignore. Make it engaging. In the nutshell, you should follow these steps:

    ·         Select your niche.

    ·         Purchase a domain to host a website.

    ·         Alternatively, you can build a blog through Blogspot  or any other blog site.

    ·         Create content.

    ·         Integrate affiliate link in appropriate places.

    ·         Promote your blog.


    The number of conversions gear up your business. The affiliate programs, like Amazon, clickbank and many more, provide a part of the profit to the publisher. The publisher can tap this amount in the dashboard or report.  


    Email Marketing: This marketing is sending promotional mails to the target audience with the view of upselling and cross selling. It targets a group of people.

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