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  • How Can Business Intelligence Improve IT Customer Services?

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    Do you think business intelligence is just about turning data into information?


    It certainly is about that translation. But, it is incomplete without observing its impacts, as how your business operates and responds to the changing market places. The point of concern is its impact.


    So! How do you come across this impact?


    Undoubtedly, the customer support analysis assists in mapping the effectiveness of a business strategy. An entrepreneur takes it like an automated telling mechanism.  Let’s interact with the definition of customer services and business intelligence, first before understanding how BI improves IT customer services.


    What do you mean by customer services and business intelligence?

    1. IT Customer services: The technology customer services belong to backend assistance. A professionally skilled helpdesk is recruited to take care of assistance in IT planning, app/software installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of technology-based products/services. It is also known as technical support. 


    2. Business intelligence: As aforesaid, it refers to employing technologies, applications and practices together for collecting data, integrating, analysing and presenting business information. Besides bettering the business decision making, it tracks the impression of executing decisions.


    A tech-based business will go extra miles in terms of competency and competition, if its technical support supplies a high rate of satisfaction. Unfortunately, business engagements are unending and continue to pop as a priority. Entrepreneurs often engross in them 24/7. In the meantime, they forget attending customers’ query. This inattentiveness costs them an arm and a leg. Their clientele invariably narrows down. Its aftermath begins showing its marks through massive loss.  So, it’s vital to make your customers happy. Business intelligence can help you improve your technical assistance.


    Let’s go through these points to know how it is possible.  


    How can BI improve customer services?  



    1. Real-time feedback: The customers’ voice needs to be amplified, as the entrepreneurs stay busy all the time. Feedbacks from existing and target audience can make it audible to them in the real time. Despite being occupied, Amazon, Flipkart and even, Google listen to their audience through reviews.


    Apart from that, social media like Facebook and Twitter appears in a game changing role. Smart audience takes route of these social networks to comment into. Also, there are ad impressions, clicks and interactions and many other ways that feed a business with real-time feedbacks. The BI tools can help you to scoop them up for evaluating performance.


    2. Track tech trends: There are people who often plan an IT investment after determining whether or not a brand offers technical support. This is one of the biggest reasons for preferring a brand over a startup IT services. It is simply because the feedbacks are pure gold. Tech trends often stay in the queries that customers ask for.  So, their assessment is compulsory to pull out the key performance indicators.


    BI guides through this assessment. During BI processing, the analytics tool captures and visualises the real-time data into understandable pie-charts, graphs and tables. This assessment will keep the silver lining to grab at uncountable opportunities in the future. You interact with the latest tech trends to leap on the latest shift in the IT industry. Thereby, the prospective queries will yield happy customers.


    3. Deep customer analysis: This analysis assists you through scanning things that were making rounds in your customer’s mind during customer support services. But, the BI lets you explore whether or not they are happy with your service and the why for being felt so.


    You can monitor every customer’s support journey through the analytical data. This is how a crystal clear image of every individual’s demographic, industry sentiment and location pops in your mind. Moreover, you come across the least performing areas, which show a scope to convert it into strength, a cash cow.  


    4. Care for customers: The customer analysis navigates you to the flaws and pain points. BI routes you to the path of converting them into satisfied clients. It makes the points, as what could you do better and which are the keys to achieve excellence, crystal clear. So, you can implement the needful to enhance more customer engagement through accurate IT solutions on calls or online.


    5. Exaggerate employee engagement: A slight patting casts magnificent effect. Upon delivering a number of satisfactory replies, your technical helpdesk feels a deep sense of engagement. It pushes them to give their best efforts. This is how the workplace becomes a better place to work in.  


    Keep into account that your helpdesk is a pivotal link to connect with customers. Their engagement is necessary. So, incite interest to perform out-of-the-box while carrying out technology customer support.

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