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  • High Ranking but Low Traffic: How to Fix It?

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    Ranking might not only the final goal but make sure your efforts haven’t been wasted. Overall organic search drives 51% of all website traffic so it is the best traffic source for almost any business.


    Organic search is not expensive as paid advertising and the traffic from organic search usually results in long-term traffic. Let’s discuss the 3 possible reasons why high rankings don’t result in high traffic.


    Delivering the wrong keyword:

    Choosing the right keyword and adding quality content to your website is a good SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords are trending because they are less generic and have low search volume than “head” terms. Even though it is an advantage still there’s always the flip side of the coin. Ranking high for the keywords nobody is searching for is the same as not ranking at all.


    If you don’t have a keyword strategy, then create one. It’s good to look at your competitors before writing up your keyword strategy to know how well they are ranking for the particular keyword and what kind of content they have.


    This will help you in improving your strategy. Also, keep an eye on SERP to understand what kind of content you need to write as google has a wide array of result types and it serves depending on the query. Luckily there are several tools to find new and related keywords to make things easier.


    Analyzing search query volume and intent:

    Over time the way people search and the words they use will change. So, make sure you are analyzing the search query trends also. Conducting keyword research and understanding the intent behind the search queries for B2B SEO is a very challenging aspect. Particularly it’s true for the B2B firms which have long and complicated sales cycles.


    Better to check PPC campaign data to know which keyword gets convert and which keyword is more reach oriented. For example, if you want to target the keyword “business satellite internet” but this term has been steadily decreasing over the past few years and new searches queries like mobile, broadband and wireless-related items are on-trend. The firm’s SEO program needs to be revised to reflect in the buyer’s behavior.


    Improve your metadata:

    Meta description act as a promo for the webpage when it appears on SERP. This information will make the readers to click on it. Its best practice to write meta descriptions and tag titles for every post before you publish it.


    While writing a title keep in mind it should be within 65 characters and description should be with 160 characters. Placing the keyword at the beginning will gain more people’s attention. By adding call actions like “learn more”, “order now”, “read more”, “shop now” etc will help people to understand better what your page offers them.


    In closing:

    It’s good to be aware of such issues. It’s time to know where your real audiences are and what they’re exactly searching for. You can use that to improve your SEO strategy. The truth is 75% of the searchers don’t even scroll down the first page.


    That means if you are not listed in the top 1-5 results you are probably not getting the clicks. You shouldn’t give up; you can still climb up to the top position and we will help you do it. Ready to get started?

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