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  • Guidelines for Blogging

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    Important steps or points to be followed before posting any blog.

    Creating a unique technological blog every time seems to be a question in everyones mind. It is to be noted that just uploading codes doesn't count as good blogging. One needs to support the code with some content which highlights its importance and usage.

    Below is some important point to be noted while posting the blog:

    Headings- The heading of your article should be short, expressive and should explain what your blog is about. The heading should focus on how the reader will be benefited from reading your post. Word limit for heading should be 6-10 words.

    Size of Blog- Ideally a technology blog should be more than 200 words. In actuality there is no upper limit but one should not create a blog of slighter than 100 words to support your code. The content should describe where and by whom can the code be used. Remember that, if ones blog is slighter the standard word limit, Google treats the blog as negative source and it will affect the web ranking.

    Why not to use copy content- In starting you might think copy content from other is source is best and easiest way to post blog. Yes, it is surely and in beginning it will benefit you or your web. But soon you will be caught. As soon your blog becomes popular the Google Penguin, Panda and the original content owner will arrive to hit you. Copying or stealing content is illegal in the International Law. If you are steeling others content in such case, the original owner of blog can file a case against you in court.

    You Will be Penalized by Search Engines- In starting you might start getting good traffic to your site but this will no longer exist, Search Engines have many algorithms to detect that either the content is original or copied. So if your blog found copied by search engines then soon your blog will be removed from search engines. This will effect on your name and respect, you will lose your readers trust, when they discover you doing such things.

    Even if you are taking help from any source you have to mention it to referring the link of the source in you blog.

    Be the first to correct your own mistakes.

    For more help regarding how to create a blog, please visit the link below-

    9 simple steps to improve your technology blog

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