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  • Google+ Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

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    In my last blog Role of Google+ in Social Media Marketing, I have shared my knowledge about 'what is Google+, what is the role of Google+ in social media marketing and how to optimize a profile along with business page properly'. As we are now aware that Google+ is an important platform for promoting any business or brand. The only thing we need to keep in mind is how effectively we can use this platform so that it adds value to our social media marketing strategy.

    Google+ SMM Strategy Tips

    Let us focus on a list of tips that we need to follow in order to make your SMM strategy a success through Google+ channel.

    Tip for Better User Engagement

    • You can share your post with public or some limited people, you can find limited option where you can select people and circle to share your post.

    • Add + or @ symbol to mention someone specifically in a post.

    • You can send an email notification of your Google+ post.

    • Share some interesting images to make your audience more engaged.

    • It is always better to use .gif animated images within your post or update.

    • You can add any people within your profile by just dragging on your circle.

    Tips for Promoting Profile or Page

    • Share a lot of photo and videos related to your business.

    • Use cross promotion tricks to gain more visitor and friend on your Google+ profile or page. Like share your Google+ profile with Facebook and other social media website and told people to join you on Google+.

    • Say your friend to reshare your content on their circle. This is same as please retweet on Twitter.

    • You can create event with your profile and page. You can add photo, website URLs and phone number with your event.

    • You can manage your page with different account but transfer ownership of the page after 2 week on managing the page.

    Tips for Formatting Post or Status update

    • () bold (): Add * before and after the message to enable bold.

    • (_) italics (_): Add _ before and after the message to enable italics.

    • (-) strike-through (-): Add - before and after the message to enable strike through.

    Tips for Using Google Hangouts

    • Hangout gives you a platform to directly direct use video chat with your friends, and you can share your screen with any person.

    • Just go to your profile and page, and click on Hangout button. It appears on Top right side of your browser.

    • When you select this button, a popup windows open, now install plugin for Hangout.

    • You can chat with group or a person and invite friends to join you.

    • Hangout also give you the functionality of screen sharing, so, you can share your screen with people or circle.

    • You can add your YouTube video with Hangout. You can add more than one video on your hangout. It works as video playlist.

    • You can find all Hangouts and schedule your Hangouts at Google+ hangouts.

    • You can setup your Hangout name by just clicking on top Title area. You can modify your hangout name any time.

    Tips for Notification & Comments

    • You can mute any post, if you dont want to see any notification.

    • You can disable reshare and comment for any update by just clicking on stream update setting; which you can see on top right side of your post.

    All these tips mentioned above should be followed in order to optimize Google+ profile or business page as a social media marketing strategy. Hoping to share some more useful tips in future for SMM.

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