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  • Get Your Alexa Optimized Content for Product Searches ASAP

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    “Alexa, book 4 tickets for Hotel Transylvania 3.”


    You are looking at a future that resembles the above. Are you equipped adequately with your Alexa optimized content?

    Not yet?


    What are you waiting for?

    With the upcoming surge of voice search optimization, getting your content ready for one of the most popular voice assistants is mandatory. Searches will vary with this latest update.

    So, how is it going to affect your product industry?

    Why do you update the list of products and its description on the internet?

    Gaining market, online traffic or leads- whatever you may call that. It is all for increasing your client base.

    However, what happens when your products slowly move out of a client’s visibility? Losses in business will be incurred, right?

    Do realise this: your clients will now ‘see’ your products through the voice of voice assistants like Alexa. So, now your visibility is in the hands of your content’s optimization span.

    This is what the reputed content writers are aiming for.

    Now, for why the limelight is on Alexa optimized content and not any of the other voice assistants.

    Why Alexa?

    It will be too cliché to say that Alexa is the best voice assistant in the market. The fact is that Alexa with its industry-best features has captured the market. Being Amazon recommended boosted its demand all the more.

    The seismic shift from desktop to smartphone searches is the first trend that one needs to catch up with. The year 2018 saw Alexa swerving past Google; however, predictions show that 2019 will witness the full domination of Alexa over the product search market. This makes it essential to have your content optimized for the most famous voice assistant of the time.

    Additionally, here are a few tips that you might suggest to your hired content writing company to get your content ready as par voice search trends.

    How to get your products equipped with Alexa optimized content?

    It is not by coincidence that you are witnessing product content writing patterns undergo a considerable change. The best of the content writing companies have taken the hint that the statistics are providing

    This year has seen that about 22% of smart home speakers purchased products using their smart devices. The future is looking to be solely optimized for voice searches.

    Hence, combining the popularity of voice search and smart speakers, the content writing company has come upon this Alexa optimized futuristic content.

    Here are a few tips to suggest your hired content writing agency:

    Tip 1:  Make sure that your product is available on Amazon Prime

    Alexa is already using the Amazon Prime program to pick out products for its users. This making your product available in the Amazon Prime platform will make sure that you are already in Alexa’s visibility.

    Tip 2:  Manage the shipping time of your product

    The shipping time of your product is instrumental in earning Amazon’s choice badge, which will have a positive impact on the client base of your merchandise.

    However, be ready with the knowledge that you will have little or no control over your inventory, once you have forwarded it to Amazon. Amazon will have the last words about the shipping timing of your products.

    Tip 3:  Amazon SEO should be your priority

    Alexa’s maker has a separate structure of SEO that needs attention on your behalf. This will follows specific strategies that make it one of the best virtual e-commerce platforms.

    Some features that need to be a part of the product and product description are as follows:

    • Your product’s image size of 1000 by 1000 pixels
    • Description in bullets for mobile optimization
    • Use every possible variation of keywords
    • Highlight and stress on structured data

    Your content writing agency will surely have detailed knowledge about this to provide you with the most proficient Alexa optimized content that will contribute to making your business optimized on this platform.

    So, go ahead and get your products bee ‘seen’ by the voice search optimization literate clients!!

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