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  • Explaining Status Code Meaning For HTTP 2xx Series Which Indicates Success Message

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    In this blog we will learn what is the success situation under HTTP 2xx series (i.e. displaying success message in different situations).HTTP 2xx series status code in the server response indicates that the request from the client is received and processed successfully by the server.

    HTTP 200 – OK

    Generally we receive HTTP status code 200 – OK from the server for a successful request.

    For example: when you use tools like fetch as Google available in the Google webmaster tools account you will see a response with “200 – OK” if the crawler can successfully access the webpage.

    HTTP 201 – Created

    HTTP Status code “201 – Created” informs that the server has completed the received request and in respoinse has created a new resource on the basis of the received request.

    HTTP 202 – Accepted

    If the server has accepted the request from the client but request is not processed yet then HTTP Status code “202 – Accepted” is returned. This only informs about the acceptance of request but about the processing the response for the request will be known later if the actual processing takes place.

    HTTP 203 – Non Authoritative Information

    If the request is processed successfully but uses another resource to returns the information to the client then code “203 – Non authoritative Information” is received.

    HTTP 204 – No Content

    If the server is not able to find any content against the client's request, it sends HTTP status code “204 – No Content” in response to inform the client that no content is returned.

    HTTP 205 – Reset Content

    In this case the request is processed successfully at the server side but no content is returned.

    Here https status code 205 informs client to reset the document view.

    HTTP 206 – Partial Content

    The server returns HTTP status code 206 if server sends only some part (as per the range mentioned in the request header) of the requested resource

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