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  • Explaination of HTTP Status Codes 5xx Server Error

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    Here we will learn about the server errors that are received by the client under different situations.

    The HTTP status or error codes which belong to 5xx series come frequently in the web browser. The status codes are returned by the web server when it encounters any problem while processing the requests in order to respond the client.

    HTTP 500 – Internal server error

    The HTTP status code “500 – Internal Server Error” displays when the web server encounters an unexpected condition and restricts the server from responding to the request made by the client.

    HTTP 501 – Method not supported

    In case the server is not able to provide the resource as a response to the client request due to some unrecognized method or unsupported method than the web server renders the “501 – Method not supported”.

    HTTP 502 – Gateway error

    If a client request a server say (A) to act as a proxy or a gateway in order to get a response from the other server say (B) and in case server A receives an unacceptable response from server B then we receive HTTP status code “502 – Bad Gateway” is received”.

    HTTP 503 – Service unavailable

    If a server is overloaded by other requests and in the meanwhile it receives a request or situations when the server is under maintenance which is planned then the HTTP status code “503 – Service Unavailable” is received.

    HTTP 504 – Gateway timeout

    if the server say (A) acts an external proxy or gateway and it did not receive the response in time from the next server say (B) that stages up in the chain of requests, which is being tried to access by access (A) in order to fulfill the request HTTP status code “504 – Gateway Timeout” is received.

    HTTP 505 – HTTP version is not supported

    In case the server does not support the HTTP protocol version that is used in the request message then the HTTP status code “505 – HTTP Version Not Supported” is received.

    HTTP 507 – Insufficient space

    If there is no hard disk space left and is not able to accommodate the request then the HTTP status code “507 – Insufficient Storage” is received.

    HTTP 510 – Extensions are Missing

    In case due to some unsupported extension and if the server is not able to process the request then the code “510 – Not Extended” is received.

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