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  • Effective Ways For Product Managers To Listen To Their Customers

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    One of the most important collaborators you may encounter are your customers. Because they have the ideas that can help you discover unexploited market opportunities that can boost your company’s sales to the top of the rank. But getting your customers to share the right set of information is not as easy as it sounds. Turning these ideas into reality will take a lot of challenges along by.  So here are tips on how to gather user feedback:


    Contact Your Former Customers


    Losing a customer can be a downfall sometimes, but this can also help you gain experience to improve on your product. Some would prefer this method when meeting with customers, because your customer’s reasons can give you information on which room for improvement to work on. And other former customers that have switched to different products, tend to be more direct and honest. Eventually, you can improve your product that might be able to gain back the interests of your former customers and even find new prospective buyers.


    Check Your Analytics


    Numbers certainly do not lie, in the case of customer feedback. One of the most important source of customer feedback is your website’s analytics. Checking on your website’s analytics will help you determine what customers look in for your products. Prioritize your website’s contents from the most amount of time spent from customers to the least. This will allow your website to show more of its interesting contents and gain more interest from your customers.


    Get Right The Customer Feedback


    As mentioned earlier, getting the right information from customer feedback are not always accurate. Choosing the right set of customers will take a critical part in your company’s product targets.


    It is very important to keep note of customer’s needs and motivations, but not all of them have the same taste. You need to engage with all types of users. This will consider the different types of customers you have onto one aspect of your product. Let your customers know that your product can help accompany their needs and motivations. It is also important to think that the users of your product know best. Because only your customers will speak for your product’s performance. See to it that you comply with their standards and ideas.


    But not all feedback are equal. It is up to the product manager’s responsibility to categorize and weigh the different ideas of customers. 


    Project To A Higher Scale


    Once you have collected enough information from user feedback, you may step into the next level. It’s time for you to develop new products or work on existing offerings. Now that you have the knowledge from you customers’ interests, build on it and improve your products that will capture new prospects for your company. Pay more attention to details that will help boost your sales.


    Aside from refresher product management training, make it a routine for you to check on your customers every once in a while to ensure that your products are kept up to date.


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