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    Though writing has always been a challenge to writer’s mental faculties, the main difference in writing of the past and that of today is “technology”. It definitely provides an edge to those who use it in pursuit of their writing career. Previously, the writers had to think the concept, write the original draft, organize the whole material, revise and edit their work, all by themselves. Today technology has come to rescue them of many of these tasks.

    In this article we are going to check how technology is proving good, in term of the help it provides to the writers.


    Ease of Research:

    Writing is affected markedly by reading good material. Reading broadens vision and makes people aware with what is good writing. Technology has increased comfort of valuable research. Internet, being the greatest repository of knowledge furnishes ample material to prospective writers about subjects they are interested in. Videos, EBooks, Research papers, Power point presentations and articles are available in great numbers for writers to gather their material. This technology phenomenon is supporting blog writers, researchers, students and free-lance writers in a great way that helps polish their writing skills.



    Review and editing are supposed to be tiresome and time consuming tasks for writers. Now techs and applications are available, which will correct grammatical mistakes, check plagiarism, rephrasing of your sentences etc. to give your writing a much needed value addition. A spell check can also be run to remove wrong spellings.


    There are tools and applications which help proofreading your essays and papers by identifying long sentences and suggesting alternative options. Too many adverbs and too many usages of passive voices are also corrected by such programs.



    The world is undergoing metamorphosis. Writing has now many shapes i.e.  E-books, blog writing, free-lance online writing, academic writing and many other forms. Once a book is written, there comes the next step of how to publish it. With the help of technology writers can now train themselves on many available platforms like “author audience academy” and “Book Baby” regarding formatting books via impressive templates. These platforms are being supported by the largest retail selling chains like Amazon, where by one can sell the books in 170 countries and get 100% royalties.


    Self-published EBooks can either be sold through writers own websites or through distributors. Many renowned on line distributors (e.g. Smash word) are available who don’t charge any upfront fee but deduct their royalties


    Translate Books in other Languages:

    Who does not want his books to reach a global audience? Technology makes this much easier. There are many websites available for translational services. Few of these are listed below:



    ·         All


    Currently, websites furnishing services for translations are doing this for 34 languages.What a great assistance by technology for writes to expand their income stream!



    Writers in many countries can work together on group projects by sharing and assisting each other to tackle challenges.One of the most important channels for synchronising writer’s collaborative efforts is “Google Drive”. These programs offer tuition also on various aspects of writing.



    Blog writing is both fun and knowledgeable. While you write blogs you are connected to a wider range of audience. As a very useful tool for students,blogs furnish opportunity to share knowledge and writing skills with fellow students and teachers about assigned topics. Since most of the students’ writing in future will be digital in nature, these blog writing opportunities serve as moral boosters and grooming tools.




    • Though all writers are being benefited by technology in general, it is proving markedly beneficial for student’s community. Some of ways this community gets help from technology are as follows:
    • Use of multimedia enhances the effectiveness of writing. A vast amount of graphical illustrations, pictures etc. are easily available to make your written work a special one.
    • Increases their income as they write free-lance and get paid
    • Get instant feedback for their writings by peer and supervisors, thanks to many such tools available.
    • Students are able to write fast using technology assistance.
    • Collaborative writing is being promoted among students, where they can work on projects of writing assignments in a group based environment.
    • It increases awareness in students about writing for different sets of audiences in a much better way compared to class room tutorials about writing.
    • In the end, it can easily be said that the entire writer’s community is enjoying tangible beneficial impacts of this wonderful technology which, internet and web world has brought for mankind.



    The writer of this article, Evelyn Eden, is a free-lance writer and a blogger, who contributes mainly on social issues, futuristic educational challenges and technology. She also provide academic writing service like: Online Essay Writing Service By profession she is an educationist.

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