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  • Do You Deserve Success?

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    Many people don't trust that they deserve success/achievement. They don't think that they are deserving of success. What's more, they might be correct. They long for success. They envision success. They battle for success. They go for success. But, they are addicted on failure.

    Yes, addicted. They decline/refuse to surrender their routine ways of thinking, despite the staggering proof that their thinking is not delivering success. They decline to give up their habitual beliefs, in spite of the obvious proof that those beliefs are not helpful for achievement/success.

    Each successful person you have ever met reports that it is their thinking that first obstructed their success and after that, when they changed how and what they thought, made ready for their success. It is the same experience you had.

    Each successful person you have met trusts that they deserve success. Not because they are more intelligent. Not on account of they are better taught or educated. Not because they are at all special, unique or one of a kind. They trust that they deserve success just because they trust that they deserve success. Also, they are correct.

    The individuals who are spiritually minded have two or three preconceptions (beliefs and thoughts) about success that don't serve them and might be keeping them from achieving their ideal of progress/success.

    One is that so as to deserve success, you should be a decent person as judged by societal standards; and Two, that material success is not really a spiritual thing and might bring down spiritual advancement. Wrong on both checks.

    The individuals who are materialistically minded also have a few preconceptions about achievement that don't serve them and might be keeping them from making their optimal of success.

    One is that spiritual principles have nothing to do with material achievement and might detract achievement; and Two, that achievement/success is a matter of doing certain things, not about being a sure way. Wrong on both tallies/counts.

    Achievement/Success is a comprehensive thing. The material is inseparable from the spiritual. The spiritual is securely attached from the material. Spiritual accomplishment/success without material success is as empty and meaningless as is material accomplishment/success without spiritual success.

    At last, it is not about doing anything. You can do all the profound/spiritual things or you can do all the material things and still not be successful. You can do all the doing you need. You can do whatever you need. But, you will never have success, regardless of what you do UNTIL you discover that everything starts with who you are.

    Who you are is soul/spirit, is light, is awareness. Cognizance is otherworldly or spiritual. The essential activities of cognizance/consciousness are thinking and accepting.

    Thinking and accepting are supernatural or spiritual attributes. It is the supernatural or spiritual that delivers the physical.

    The formula is BE then DO then HAVE. First become worthy. Then, do whatever you like. Then, you will have achievement/success.

    I trust that you do deserve success. I trust that everybody does, conceivably. It is a unfortunate truth, however, that just the individuals who know that they deserve success really get it. Examine your prevalent thoughts; look at your core beliefs.


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