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  • Digital signages create the right marketing vibes that keep customers engaged

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    Over the past few years, there has been a gradual cultural shift in the advertising world. The methods of communication through advertisements or messages have changed to meet the ever-increasing expectations of users. The rapid spread of mobile devices has completely changed the user behavior who now expects instant access to information by just viewing or touching the screen. Viewers have become less patient and much more receptive and responsive to the mass communication systems of advertising that rely on displaying messages or images. They prefer digital displays to traditional print media. More dynamic are the displays more attractive and efficient it is to users.


    To stay tuned with times, businesses are turning to electronic message boards or digital signages that offer several advantages. It provides more targeted and flexible communication and higher return on investment as compared to traditional advertising through static signages. The biggest gain is viewer engagement that increases many, many times.


    Message targets are more specific


    The technology of digital displays allows complete flexibility in creating messages and content for specific viewer groups and not for the public at large. Businesses can now highlight product information more precisely by focusing on products that are most relevant to the group of viewers who are consuming the content. As soon as this group exits and a new group of viewers come in, you change the content accordingly so that it remains relevant for the new group. Such targeted communication enables businesses to create close connections with customers who receive the exact content they are looking for. The communication influences the decision-making process of viewers who are more likely to take affirmative action in favor of business. 


    Refreshing content


    The dynamic features of digital displays allow companies to keep fresh content at any desired frequency.  You can change the content whenever you feel like. Posting the same content does not appeal to all sections of the audience, and as it turns stale, the content loses its appeal and worth. Therefore, it is necessary to keep refreshing content at intervals.  Refreshed content is more appealing and adds more value to the communication as it renews the viewers’ interest in the content, and the message is driven home more efficiently. Technology ensures complete security of content as the information remains well protected.  By using several formats like text, audio, videos, images as well as infographics, it is possible to create enriched content and make the presentation more attractive and exciting.


    Display signage and interactive signage


    Some finer points create a distinction between signages. The average digital displays that we see around us, especially those used outdoors are screens for one-way communication. These displays allow advertisers to talk to the audience, but the viewers cannot respond to it through the display.  There are some other digital message boards, which are more sophisticated and create opportunities for setting up two-way communication, as viewers can respond to the displayed message by using the touch screen feature of the screen. The display only signages use simpler technology and cost less, but the complex technology behind the sophistication of interactive digital boards makes it much more expensive. While the operational and maintenance cost of the earlier type is much less, the interactive digital displays require higher maintenance and operational cost.


    Level of interaction makes the difference


    Which type of signage would be suitable, depends on the nature of the business and the communication strategy adopted by the business to achieve the business goals. If it is felt that conveying the message or information to viewers in an engaging manner is sufficient to generate business leads, then it is advisable to use display signage that creates one-way communication. It is best suited for locations where viewers spend quite some time so that they can keep viewing the message that keeps repeating as it scrolls in a loop cycle. How well the viewers consume the content depends on how long they stay at the place.


    The interactive digital signage is a different ball game altogether. It allows viewers to get more involved with the communication by participating in it. They can take charge of selecting the content they like by searching for it using the touch screen. The experience is similar to using your computer.  Viewers are in the driver's seat, and it saves time, as they do not have to wait for the desired information to appear on the screen in scrolling sequence. Overall, it gives much-improved user experience and creates much closer engagement.


    Location determines effectiveness


    How useful digital signages are, depend on various factors and not only on the quality and sophistication of display.  Besides the quality of content, the effectiveness of communication relies heavily on the proper selection of the location of the display board.  The display board must be set up at places where viewers spend some time whether it is for business or just for passing the time. This makes it easy to devote time in consuming the information correctly that will not be possible if viewers are on the move. Traffic signals are thus crowded with advertising displays as people are compelled to spend some time at such places.


    In a retail setting, setting up screens just beside the products on display have a deeper impact on buyers.  To capture the attention of customers at stores during and after business hours, the shopping windows are best for setting up digital signage. When selecting the location for setting up digital signage, the light conditions must be suitable for viewing the display because too much light can blur the display and ruin your efforts in engaging viewers. The height at which you place the screen must be optimal, not too low nor too high and never encroach on the line of sight of the products.


    Since better customer experience is one of the goals of communication, to ensure the best quality of display and to have better control on it, pay attention to the software that drives the system. The performance and security of the system depend on it.

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