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  • Difference between array_slice() and array_splice()

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                                             **array_slice() Vs array_splice()**  

    What arrayslice() function do: As name suggest this function just return part/slice of array which we pass to arrayslice() function as parameter 1 depending upon the parameter 2 and parameter 3.

    For e.g : we have any array: $testarray=array("a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h"); $output=arrayslice($testarray,2,3); Parameter 1: Simply the array parameter 2: Index from where slicing of the $testarray array will start. Parameter3: Length Upto which we have to slice the $testarray array . The output of the above e.g will be:

    array{ [0]=>c [1]=>d [2]=>e } Important :If parameter 2 is +ve then counting of index will start form the left side of the array starting with 0.

    For e.g arrayslice($testarray,3,2) As parameter 2 is +ve so we will start counting from left of $testarray upto 3rd index.As in $testarray at 3rd index value is 'd' .We will start counting from 'd' upto length = 2 (parameter 3) .So the output will be:

    array{ [0]=>d [1]=>e } But suppose parameter 2 is '-3'.So we will start counting from right end of array starting with 1 upto 3rd index so at 3rd index value is 'f' and length =2 so the output will be :

    array{ [0]=>f [1]=>g }

    arraysplice(): This function simply removes the part from the array which will be passed as parameter1 depending upon parameter2 and parameter3.

    For e.g: $testarray=array("a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h");


    echo "



    Output: array{ [0]=>a [1]=>b [2]=>h }

    Description:as parameter 2 is +ve so start counting from left end of array starting with 0 ,so at index 2 value is 'c' and as length is 5 so we will remove following elements:c,d,e,f,g so except this value remaining will be left in the $testarray array array . This function will directly make changes in $testarray . If parameter 2 is +ve or _ve : This will work same as arrayslice() explained above.

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