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  • Debugging local databases and Preferences.

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    When you need to debug database  and shared prefrences in an android application, it is difficult to debug it.

    Android Debug makes it easy to debug the databases

    Add this to app’s build.gradle- debugCompile ''

    You can get  the debug address url from your logs or you can use method DebugDB.getAddressLog().

    Most important, using  debugCompile,  only compile in your  app in  debug build and not in your release 

    You can open the debug url in browser

    NOTE: Your  phone and Pc should be connected to the same Network .


    What can Android Debug library can  do ?

    • you can see all databases.
    • you can  shared preferences used in your application.
    • you can run query to fetch ,update the data
    • you can search for rows and data.
    • you can Sort data.



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