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  • Compelling Reasons for Mobile Adoption in Your Shopify eCommerce

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    As per Statista Research on global smartphone usage, total no. of smartphone phone users worldwide is anticipated to reach 5 billion mark in the present year i.e. 2019. And, it is quite a considerable ratio to consider while thinking of expanding your online business to mobile devices.


    Also, having a mobile-friendly website has not a standard practice only but has become obligatory to remain competitive in the marketplace.


    Having to support this statement, below are some other benefits associated with mobile application development that shouldn’t be ignored if you wish to grow.


    Let’s get started!


    • Personalized Approach

    A mobile app for your Shopify store allows you to reach consumers personally on their handy devices. You can integrate it with different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook (most commonly used), and offer them communication interface (chat etc.).


    Also, you can empower your business with different personalized methods via apps like ‘push notifications’. In such a method, you can message the customer directly in their device in text message form. Nowadays, you can also communicate via WhatsApp messages as some powerful brands like ‘Make my trip’ and ‘Book My Show’ are already using.


    So, adopting mobile apps can definitely unfold an intelligent and accurate marketing strategy for your Shopify eStore. For knowing the technical aspects behind such approaches, you can hire Shopify developer who is well-versed with the latest technologies & trends.


    • Accelerate in-store buying experience

    With an eCommerce mobile app development, you can easily develop a better in-store and online purchasing experience for your target audience. Displaying your products in a mobile app can help them to locate them inside a store as well; can help them to easily reach to your store via integrated Google Maps.


    In addition to these, you can also utilize geographical tagging in your mobile apps for sending a push notification to customers whenever they are nearby your physical retail outlet.


    • Geo-targeting

    One of the powerful examples of Geo-targeting is ‘Beacons’ that help us to gain better customer relationship.


    A “Beacon”, in general, is a small device that transmits a signal that other digital devices like mobile phones can receive. The sole purpose of this device is to grab customers’ attraction via relevant products and offers to a specific geographical location.


    Many retailers nowadays are using such technologies to build stronger customer relationships.


    • Enhanced usability

    Mobile devices allow the users to purchase on the go while simply tapping some links. Also, with a powerful integration of social media, it becomes easier for them to log in, place the orders, avail the offers etc.


    Adding to this, AR (Augmented Reality) allows easy visualization of your products via smartphones and many retailers like Sephora are making the most of it to further, increase the usability of apps.


    Such implementations create a sense of strong connection with the customers and they become more loyal to your while increasing repeat sales and retaining customers in a long run.


    • Advantage of built-in smartphone features

    Some of the powerful in-built features of smartphones like GPS, camera etc. can definitely help you to provide more advantages when properly accessed along with your mobile app. ‘Voice Search’ feature is also linked with mobile’s microphone.


    So these are some added advantages that you can have with mobile apps.


    In Conclusion….

    Undoubtedly, mobile applications prove to be a boon for every online business. However, you can not simply opt for its development and hope for conversions. You need to work on its perfect implementation as screen sizes differ to desktops.


    So, you need to choose for an optimized approach that starts with website development like cross-browser compatibility, appealing layout & templates, responsiveness, secure transactions, page load speed, and more.


    To be more precise and accurate in your website as well as mobile application development, it is always recommended to take assistance from professionals.

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