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  • Comparison of using File System vs Database for storing large amount of files

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    In the below artice we disucss the pros and cons of using File System vs Database for storing large amount of files:

    Following are the problems associated with storing files on file system:

    1) Using file system for storage leads to fragmentation of storage media which leads to decreased performance.

    2) Backup and restore operations on file system are slow as compared to database.

    3) Maintaining history of changes is difficult and requires additional effort.

    4) Tools for replication for file systems arent readily available for managing large amount of files.

    5) We need to provide web server write access to folders which poses a significant security risk.

    6) In case we need to transfer files it needs to be done via ftp.

    Following are the advantages of using database over file system for storage:

    1) Database systems have matured enough to handle large volumes of data. Since databases are relational ,you can easily query them.

    2) Relational nature of database ensures data is well organized and stored in fewer files as compared to file system.

    3) Data storage is transactional however in case of file system we need to do programming to achieve similar maturity in transactions.

    4) Backing up and restoring databases are easier because of the inbuilt tools.

    5) Databases provide replication features out of the box.

    6) Databases provide change tracking features out of the box.

    7) From security perspective there is no concern arising out of need to give permission to web server to write to folders.

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