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  • Comparing Angular 2 Vs React In JavaScript Application Development

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    Dozens of libraries and frameworks in JavaScript are increasing in popularity. It has become overwhelming for the programmers to decide which one is right for their project. Among all new frameworks, Angular 2 and React are the most recommend frameworks of today’s time.



    They both are the winning players as none of them are worse. Only a detailed comparison can help the programmers to take informed decision required to fulfill the project’s requirements. 


    Angular 2 JavaScript Libraries


    Angular 2 is the rewritten JavaScript framework. It was released to develop web applications optimized for small preload size and performance. Its improved dependency injection makes it famous among developers. Over Angular 1, this enhanced library is adopted to build complex applications. It also overcomes the issue of the limited functionality. Although, Angular 1 can be used to develop mobile apps, it may have mobile compatibility issues. So, the launch of Angular 2 has corrected all the limitations with well-suited features.


     React JavaScript Library


    React is an open-source JavaScript library developed to create flexible user interfaces faster than ever. It is featured with the one-way data binding which is helpful in detecting the errors for all kind of complex applications. With the use of such library, a user can also change the data without reloading the entire page. The main aim is to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability in the applications. 


    Comparison between React Vs Angular 2 


    Angular 2



    Angular 2 is highly managed to overcome the issue with the React.js performance. It is based on “Dirty Checking” strategy to improve the negative impact on the performance.

    The main issue with the React library is its performance. It always requires a copy of DOM in the memory to calculate the changes in the real DOM.


    Angular 2 is helpful in detecting the execution errors early. It is included with unit tests which aim to detect errors on their own.

    React library is designed to resolve only specific run-time errors due to certain designed functions.


    Angular 2 is not simple due to its inherent complexity.

    React.js is very simple to understand framework and takes very less time to set up a single project.


    Data Binding

    Angular 2 uses two-way data binding which is helpful in writing less code.

    React uses one-way data binding which means data flow in only one direction.




    Using directives in Angular 2 is an effective way to work with DOM.

    React is not included with the directives and all template logic should be written by itself.



    Through close examination on these popular frameworks, it is good opportunity for small start-ups to develop powerful and flexible apps. A programmer can make a choice of one of these approaches on the basis of business application goals and constraints. In order to practice with complex coding with these JavaScript frameworks, you can make a choice from available online sources.


    About Author

    Robert Johnson is a technical writer and is working with CodeFights, an effective platform which helps the beginners to implement complex codes and also help them prepare for software developer interview.

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