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    CompareValidator control is used to compare the value of one control with the value of another control or a constant value. The comparison operation can be any of the following.

    1. Equal
    2. GreaterThan
    3. GreaterThanEqual
    4. LessThan
    5. LessThanEqual
    6. NotEqual
    7. DataTypeCheck



    Retype Password      

    Password and Retype Password must match

    Date Of Application 

    Date Of Application must be greater than 01/01/2012


    Age must be a number


    CompareValidator can also be used for DataType checking.

    The following are the properties that are specific to the compare validator:

    1. ControlToCompare - The control with which to compare.
    2. Type - The DataType of the value to compare. String, Integer etc.
    3. Operator = The comparison operator. Equal, NotEqual etc.
    4. ValueToCompare - The constant value to compare with.

    SetFocusOnError property is supported by all validation controls. If this property is set to true, then the control will automatically receive focus, when the validation fails.

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