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  • Common Landing Page Mistakes that Cost Your Conversions

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    So, you have set up a landing page. Do you think it is converting like you’d thought it would?


    No matter how well you have designed a landing page or have opted for a landing page design service from any professional, there is always room for improvement.


    A landing page has one purpose and that is to convert your visitors into leads. A good landing page can result into high amount of sales and a bad one can really hurt your business. However, no one can promise you million dollars but you can definitely improve your sales by reworking a landing page.


    Here are some of the most common mistakes people make with their landing pages which you should try to avoid.


    Excessive text

    One of the most significant factors of a successful landing page is clarity. This is one of the easiest mistakes people fall for. Nobody wants to read too much. You have seconds of time to convince the visitor to stay further. You should avoid writing paragraphs on your landing page.


    If you have long paragraphs of information you won’t get your message across because most people will lose interest before they read through everything. Try to use bullet points, bolded words, heading, and images instead. Often, a better headline alone will boost the effectiveness of your landing page.


    Using your regular site design

    We use design themes for visual presentation of our websites which is an attraction strategy used by a content management system. However this is not the case when it comes to landing pages.


    While your common sidebar and header way to deal with a blog post is fine, when it comes down to traffic hitting a landing page with a singular focus on specific action, all of that incidental stuff causes distraction, confusion, and reduced conversions. You should lose this mess and create a clean page with clear intentions of what do you want your visitors to do.


    No unique selling proposition (USP)

    Your most valuable sales point should be the first thing a visitor to your page should see. This sales point should be unique to your business and should quickly and strongly communicate that what makes your business, services or products, stand out from your competitors. Your USP can be specific to the promotion you are offering or the product you are pushing.


    No Image and creativity

    A creative and well thought out landing page having relevant images will trigger conversions. You need to use at least one image for the best results. The image should flow easily with the page and communicate your content. Moreover, you should not rely on video as not everyone is going to watch an entire video on a landing page. For instance, you need to write supporting copies to drive you message.


    Complicated entry form

    It is important to keep a simple entry form on your landing page. You need to know you goals or objectives and then create an entry form accordingly. You need to decide how many form fields are required, what information is essential for your business and what is not.


    Suppose your landing page is for lead generation, then it is essential to have an email address field. Keep your form simple with only two or three fields.


    Bad Call to Action (CTA)

    You might have read many articles about making your CTA stand out. There are a few points you should consider to make your CTA worth.

    • Use right colours contrasting.
    • Make it big and bold and eye-caching.
    • Place your CTA where it is visible the most.
    • Don’t tell people what to do, tell them what they get.



    You can now decide what elements are good for your landing page and what’s not. Try to avoid these mistakes and remember to test and optimize as best as you can.

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