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  • CMS vs Framework

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    CMS A Content Management System (CMS) is a software tool that provides functionalities to manage content like: create, edit, delete, and publish content. The main goal of CMS is to provide user interface for building and editing websites content.


    A headless CMS gives the user (technical or non technical) enough flexibility to change the content without knowledge of the internal programming.


    Following are some points which differentiate CMS from the Framework:-
    - A CMS is a pre-built system that allows you to quickly add/modify content
    - Provides nice basic functionality and good for a large number of websites with similar functionality
    - Available readymade theme to change the layout and functionalities
    - Ready to used plugins available to add advance functionalities
    - Restrict user to provide some advance customization or slow customization
    - Difficult to change the code for some functionalities
    - Professional or Enterprise CMS are very expensive


    Framework A Framework is a collection of libraries to build an application. Library is a set of functions which are used for specific functionalities. It's just a skeleton on which you can combine pieces to build an application.


    • It’s nice development tool and good for the sites with unique functionality
    • Flexible, secure and easily to develop and customization
    • There are number of ready-to-use API libraries
    • No restrictions
    • Making changes into the code is easy
    • Coding standard are widely used
    • Performance issue can be solved easily
    • Framework are not expensive in long run, expensive with first investment

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