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  • A List of Top 10 Best WordPress (WP) Personal Blog Themes!

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    In the current year and the near future, it is highly important that one maintains a blog for their business. Not only must the content in such a venture be of high-quality, but it must also be presented in a suitable theme. This way, you can be sure of catching your viewers’ attention as well as maintaining a proper backdrop to your work.


    If you’re currently working with WordPress as a platform for your blog, you’re in luck! WordPress offers a multitude of free and paid themes that could really turn your blog around. Check out some of the best of these below:  


    1. Uncode




    Go for Uncode if you want a smooth-flowing and seamless customer experience for your viewers. Remember, the easier you make it for your viewers, the more likely they are to turn into your customers or your loyal fans. Hence, Uncode is extremely useful in helping a blogger create smoothly interactive, professional pages that don’t require additional coding. It’s already been done when you choose to get Uncode for your blog!


    Another great feature of Uncode is that it can load very quickly and easily. This goes for both the larger screen and mobile devices, so you’re ready for the future when you choose this theme.


    2. Divi




    Divi offers bloggers the ultimate choices in customization, functionality, and professional layouts. It may look like you’ve hired a professional to build your website, but you would know it’s just you and Divi working together.


    In short, the Divi Builder helps to make the perfect layout for your blogging wants and needs. You can change anything you want, be it colors, icons, skins, or posting formats. This way, you can easily make the kind of interface you want without being a coding expert. Divi would make your website or blog both easy to use and navigate no matter what device your viewers use.


    3. Soledad




    Soledad may not be free, but it certainly gives bloggers their money’s worth. It is an immensely popular theme that is among the top sellers on WordPress. It also boasts highly positive reviews from satisfied customers.


    If you value amazing design and responsive features, Soledad is probably the theme you should pick. You can display the most content with their slider options, and your followers wouldn’t have a problem accessing your site on any kind of device or browser.


    4. Argenta




    When you are writing on a variety of topics, you may want to consider the Wordpress theme Argenta. This theme gives you several demos that can display in many kinds of contexts. In this sense, it is unique among many other theme options.


    Along with variety, Argenta also gives one ease and comfort. It does so by offering several layouts beforehand. All you have to do is select which one suits you best.  It’s also excellent for coding as it contains a variety of shortcodes.


    Argenta also has you covered when it comes to shopping carts. You can offer AJAX cart as well as WooCommerce integration. It is super easy to provide excellent customer support and professionally showcase your work with Argenta!


    5. Werkstatt




    This is a portfolio website theme. Its uniqueness factor includes its flexibility, which allows its users to easily customize according to their needs. One can also choose how they set up the pages within their website using the Visual Composer. In a nutshell, Werkstatt is about navigating easily among the features on offer.


    Werkstatt is known for its excellent customer support. Not only can you easily choose your templates or layout, but also reach anytime you run into a problem.  Hence, this theme is best for professionals, business, and freelance workers.


    6. Massive Dynamic




    Massive Dynamic seems to have everything one could want in a theme; it’s tech-savvy, reliable, multipurpose, and immensely flexible. Bloggers can utilize this theme for when they want to have a beautiful way to showcase their content.


    This theme is best suited for those who cater to several kinds of audiences in many different fields. In such cases, streamlining and simplification are key, and this is what Massive Dynamic provides you with. Once you choose this theme, you would have several design options to choose from, and can also change it up as you go along.


    7. Kalium




    This is one of the most popular WordPress themes to date. If you’re looking for a site to host your portfolio and make a good impression on your viewers, this may be the one for you. You can look at its theme demonstrations in order to gauge its usefulness for yourself as a blogger.


    Those considering Kalium can view its live demo, which includes screenshots as well as evidence of its customizable features. Just about every nook and cranny of your blog can be changed as needed with Kalium.


    8. Oshine




    Oshine provides bloggers with a site that is inherently memorable. It also makes interactive blogging much easier with its multipurpose and multi-layout features. If you’re confused about what to get for your blog, consider Oshine as an all-inclusive theme that gives you a bit of everything.


    Simply speaking, Oshine gives you demos, professional settings, and a dynamic experience. Anyone can use its visual page builder for creating the own layouts as well as choose from the theme’s own templates. The option of adding carousels makes it possible to add a whole lot of content to your blog even on just one page!


    9. Javelin




    This is a creative agency WordPress theme that is all at once easy to use and modern to look at. It would automatically create a multipurpose site for you without any hassle. You can also customize it even if you have no prior knowledge about coding.  


    The main unique proposition of Javelin is that it makes bloggers comfortable enough to showcase their views to the world.  There are no less than six layouts, several custom post designs, along with other dynamic and stylish features.


    10. TheGem




    TheGem is quite an apt name for this theme. Its main selling point is its initiative facilities and ease of use. Several coders and designer have worked hard to get this theme within a proper and sturdy frame for you.


    One can use TheGem in order to display their professional, business and freelancing portfolios. This can help a blogger in securing traffic and opportunities for growth. TheGem includes several layout designs which anyone can customize according to their wants and needs. In case you’re still confused, you can look at some demo websites that use TheGem. These include websites for spas, gyms, creative design companies, etc. As an added bonus, you wouldn’t have to worry about your blog being mobile-friendly. TheGem uses Bootstrap technology, which connects almost any device and/or browser used all over the world.



    Themes are not just there to enhance your blog aesthetics, but also its functionally, navigability, and organization. Depending on what kind of content you provide, you must put some thought and investment into what theme would suit your blog best. Premium or paid WordPress themes would definitely serve you better, so don’t hesitate before splurging on one. This would eventually boost your ranking and enhance your viewers’ experience.


    Author Bio


    Kirsten Pike is an IT Expert, Digital Marketer, and a Blogger. In her blogs, she discusses the different aspects of New Media, online marketing, and online business. She is also a part of 6 Pound Essay where students can get the best essay for their academic projects. You can reach her on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.

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