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  • C# .Net : XML Serialization of DataSet

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    C# .Net : XML Serialization of DataSet


    XML Serialization require XmlSerializer class which is derived from System.Xml.Serialization.


    Example to demonstrate XML Serialization of DataSet :-


    using System.IO;
    namespace DemoApplication
        class DatasetSerialization
            public static void Main(String[] args)
                // XmlSerializer class instance of type DataSet is created
                XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(DataSet));
                //creation of DataSet
                DataSet employeeDS = new DataSet("Employee");
                //creation of DataTable
                DataTable empdetailsDT = new DataTable("EmployeeDetails");
                //Columns of DataTable
                //Rowsc of Datatable
                empdetailsDT.Rows.Add("Deepak Rana", "Mechanical");
                empdetailsDT.Rows.Add("Suraj Rana", "HM");
                //Adding DataTable to DataSet
                //StreamWriter object assigned to TextWriter instance
                TextWriter textWriter = new StreamWriter(@"D:\BasicDataSetSerialization.xml");
                //Serialize the Datset using serialize method
                serializer.Serialize(textWriter, employeeDS);


    Steps used in above program :-

    • An object of XmlSerializer class is created of type "DataSet",now this object will be used to serialize.


    • DataSet is defined.


    • DataTable with rows and columns is defined which is then added to Dataset. 


    • An instance of TextWriter is created which is assigned to StreamWriter object for saving file in some physical location. TextWriter is an abstract class.


    • “Serialize” method of xmlSerializer class is called which performs xml serialization of defined dataset object of type.


    • Finally TextWriter is closed.


    When above program is run an xml file named "BasicDataSetSerialization.xml" is created in mentioned physical location. The contents of this file is as follows :-


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