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  • Building Credibility

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    The foundation of "credibility" is "credo," which signifies "I accept" in Latin. Put essentially, credibility is the sentiment trust and regard that you motivate in others.


    No single thing makes credibility. Maybe, a mix of things must be set up for you to set up it.


    What makes Credibility/validity increment and decrease?


    * Behavior recognize as being proper (from the other person’s point of view – not yours) to time, tasks, people and circumstances, makes credibility increment.

    * Behavior recognize as being improper for the same elements makes it diminish/decrease.


    Creating Credibility Behavioral Examples that Build:-


    * Honesty
    * Devotion
    * Punctuality
    * Good Example
    * Ethical Behavior
    * Taking responsibility for behavior
    * Keeping guarantees/promises
    * Forgiving and Understanding
    * Getting Involved
    * Focusing on the Positive


    Avoiding Credibility Behavioral Examples that Destroy:-


    * Dishonesty
    * Lack of Devotion
    * No Concern for Time
    * Setting a Bad Example
    * Unethical Behavior
    * Breaking Promises
    * Denying responsibility for Behaviour
    * Unforgiving
    * Not Involved
    * Focusing on the Negative

    Construct your credibility and look after it – your life depends on it!


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