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  • Best Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing

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    Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing a brand through the use of blogs and guest posting. Instead of writing for your products or services, you will be writing about subjects related to your industry.


    When it comes to content marketing, there is no shortcut. You have to continuously improve your skills, industry knowledge and strategy, to keep up with the rapid pace of change.


    Marketers must meticulously plan out policies to meet the organisational goals. There are certain tools and updated software that help do so. Some of the best tools to turbocharge your content marketing may be:


    Buffer (

    Buffer is one of the smartest ways to manage your social media. It helps you with multiple social media platforms and can help you get all your social media posts in sync.


    It is very convenient as it allows you to connect all the social media platforms in one place such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Buffer also allows you to shell out content at the perfect time to the followers.


    Buffer is very simple to use and that’s what makes it such a great tool. So, to save you some time and to eliminate the hassle of juggling between multiple social media accounts, this would be the best app to use.


    Almighty press is a very efficient content discovery tool that takes your posts beyond the basic measuring of tweets, likes or shares. This platform connects you with real time news feed, filtered to your needs or wants, for any news or trending content from around the world. For this, Almighty Press measures its content with the Almighty Force algorithm. This allows brand to follow trending content before it becomes overly saturated. For more reliable option you can opt for reaching out to various bloggers through in your industry.


    Almighty press helps you stay on top of content trends and update the blog only with the most relevant information, resulting in an increase in the number of visits to your content.


    Ninja Outreach (

    Ninja Outreach helps you find social media influencers easily. All you need to do is enter a keyword to find thousands of business leads, top trending social media influencers, and even niche bloggers. It provides details for more than 25 million contacts. And it continues to grow day by day.


    Among several benefits, the most popular one is that Ninja Outreach allows you to use a platform of your choice to find, contact and manage any influencers that you find there. With such a large number of contacts available to you, you can select the influencers that mean the most to your business or your marketing goals.


    You can also easily create an outreach email through an easy to use template already available in the database, allowing you to quickly and easily find the leaders of any niche. It also tracks the email opens, clicks and replies, from the initial outreach.


    Sumo Me (

    Sumo Me offers a wide array of solutions that help you to increase the number of followers or the traffic onto your website and improve your overall reach. It provides you with a list building tool that includes an exit intent feature. This feature tracks the mouse movements on your page or website and identifies the movements that your followers make when they intend to leave your page or website.


    This information can be used as a trigger for a pop-up message with related posts or custom or limited offer, or anything that you can come up with to encourage the readers to stay on the site or page and not exit.


    Brands would be able to improve their overall conversion rates with the use of features of Sumo Me. It also has the feature of email opt-ins, which is a great thing for your marketing campaign.


    SendGrid (

    Building a successful relationship with the customers is the key to successful content marketing. SendGrid helps in doing just that! It is an integrated content marketing tool with features like Unsubscribe Tracking, ISP Monitoring, E-mail Template Engine, Custom API Integration etc. These features ensure every technicality imperative for establishing client relationship promisingly.


    SendGrid helps create email funnels that can be traced down to the last detail. Taking time to test your e-mail campaign yields visible results for almost any content marketing effort.

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