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  • Best SEO Strategy and Checklist for a Website

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    Every website aims at getting higher rank on search result page, but one needs to be well acquainted with SEO tricks and marketing strategies for the same. Missing out on anything or a even a small mistake can drag your website down on the ranking list, which can leave you crestfallen. So, the bottom line is you should be prepared with updated marketing plans and new strategies to get an edge over your competitors.


    In today's internet marketing scenarios, reaching at top page is not enough for any web marketer. The ultimate goal is to touch the first place, and more importantly, holding a tenacious grip on  rank #1.

    According to a market research and not to mention, common-sense, the ranked-one website garners the highest number of clicks, then second ranked and so on


    Below are some SEO tips that you should follow for effective Internet / Digital Marketing

    Keyword Researching

    Keyword researching holds a great importance since both users and search engine track your website by using them. One should never underestimate keyword researching since almost every activity on the internet, from blogging, SEO, and online marketing, is inextricably linked to it. Google Keyword Planner, Longtail PRO, Google Trends, Ubersuggest and KWFinder are some of the best tools available for keyword researching to identify the most appropriate keywords for use in the content of your website.

    Identifying Keywords for Blog Topics (Regular Blogging)

    You must identify right keywords for the content you post on your website to make it appear at the top in search results page (SERP) for what a user is looking for. Placing right keywords in the content of your website takes you half the way towards significant improvement of website ranking. Before you pick a keyword, its very essential to figure out chances of a user using it while searching for something your website offers, hence it is also important to do SEO Friendly Article Writing.

    Cannibalization of Keywords

    Cannibalization of keywords has a great potential to have adverse impact on the impression a visitor gets from your website. In simple words, using certain keywords in most of the pages of your website can affect its popularity by showing a page that does have the right keyword, but irrelevant information. SEO experts world over recommend avoiding cannibalization  of keywords.

    Analysing Competitors Strategy

    One must perform competitor SEO analysis to give a tough fight to those ranking higher than your website. Make keywords the base of your strategy. You should try to determine as to what is unique about your competitors SEO strategy. Gaining insight into competitors strategy opens new avenues to find ways to improve rank of your website.

    There are many online tools available over the online market to research an analysis competitor strategy like

    Resolving Web Site Issues

    Sometimes, issues related to website itself drive the traffic away. You website must be canonical free to eliminate the risk of negative affect on your website. And it should not offer any trouble while a user navigates and each page must a have a link back to homepage to put the user at ease. Browser compatibility is among other important issues as it ensures that users are able to avail benefits of your website by using the most common web browsers.


    PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix are some of the popular tools to test webspeed and Website issues.

    Improve Website Speed

    Taking a lot of time for a page of your website to open could irritate a user and force him to visit some other website for a solution of his problem. Your technical team must fix speed issues, if there are any, to ensure hassle free surfing of your website by a user.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing holds a great promise of drawing traffic to your website as most search engines now rely on social media for something that is popular, relevant and important. Sharing blog posts, videos, event listing etc. on social media could prove to be a great help in improving search engine results for your website. When a user watches a video, or reads blog posted by you on social media, search engines take cognizance of that and rewards you by improving search results and ranking of your website.


    For more on Digital Marketing please visit the below link-

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