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  • Best Photo Alternatives to Get High-Quality Images

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    It only takes a few clicks to find catchy pictures on Google for your website. However, you may take time looking for the best photo with high-quality resolution and adjustable size that fits perfectly on your page.


    Moreover, copyright infringement is difficult to compromise, such as using fraud to obtain a premium photo. Nowadays, website owners are using copyright security to their photos while some are linking the URLs of the website for courtesy purposes.


    If you want to use a photo, you better start creating a customized one or look for stock images. In this article, we surveyed the most popular and user-friendly applications and sites to obtain pictures. Regardless if it’s a meme, logo, infographic, or photos, name it! Be resourceful, unique, and creative by using these art alternatives or free vector art!


    Adobe Stock


    In creating high-quality images, Adobe has never failed to surprise the users. It has Photoshop, Illustrator, and now Adobe Stock. Formerly known as Fotolia around 2014, Adobe acquired this microstock agency, and now, it becomes a prominent website for the graphic industry.


    It features around 90 million graphics, videos, 3D templates, images, premium assets, and more. Most designers and artists contributed to the Adobe Stock worldwide. Meaning to say, you can upload your photos and download any images that you like.


    You can subscribe to their annual or monthly plan to obtain amazing graphics and videos to download. Moreover, you can buy plans and credits separately.




    Imgur offers free use of its platform both in making photos and hosting a website as well. If you're looking for GIFs and images, we suggest that you should consider this site. You can download and share them publicly or anonymously.


    When we say free, it provides the best photo alternative for you. It has no restrictions when it comes to photo quality, basic editing, embedding, and captioning. You can effortlessly embed photo links on any blog page, websites, or forums.




    Are you interested in doing graphics manually? If yes, you can try the GIMP photo editor. You can play with the images and use different features in it. However, if you have no idea with this platform, you can learn via blogs or YouTube videos.


    GIMP features advanced editing tools, cross-platform support, and contains no ads. You can find different free versions of this software from 2.6 to 2.10. What makes this tool amazing is that it resembles the same features as Adobe Photoshop.


    Moreover, the developers and users are improving the open-source editor. Some are even building utility and plugin extensions for the convenience of all the users.




    Having 200 million images collections in its Library, the Shutterstock becomes the world's largest stock image gallery.


    Aside from the photos, you can also download and upload music, videos, and other customized assets. You can upload your digital contents such as illustrations, surrealism, and vector images.


    Moreover, it has editing features such as Instagram-inspired filters, image cropping, resizing, preset dimensions, and more. It adopted the subscription model for stock photos, and it becomes a popular business scheme for its rival companies.




    Captivating photo grids, text effects, and stylish templates name it! Canva has it all. You can use this site to design anything from a Facebook post, Instagram photos, logos, merch, infographics, and more.


    Create professional-level photos, social media-ready images, and amazing graphics in Canva. You can choose between free and premium plans. You can use Canva for personal arts and business-related advertisements.




    As another photo source alternative, Flickr works like a Photobucket. You can upload up to 1000 images for free and share them for private and public use. However, you must keep track of the free images because Flickr has only a limited bandwidth in hosting the photos.


    Nevertheless, you can still share and embed photos in various social media and use the tag <img>. Moreover, you must create an account for free to navigate all its features. Get your camera rolling now, upload photos, and create some memories with Flickr.




    Make your photos the center of interest at Pinterest. In this site, you can find quality and artistic images in no time. Some bloggers recommend Pinterest as a photo source for their articles and posts. You can find stock photos that you can share on your website without the risk of any copyright issues.


    Also, Pinterest relates to social media sites which make sharing more convenient. Some entrepreneurs are also using Pinterest for their online businesses such as merch, e-commerce, and networking.


    You can pin various photos that you like and get notifications from the site. Moreover, you can use the site freely and extensively.


    Deposit Photos


    Using high-quality images in Deposit Photos, make your designs unique, clear and crisp. Check out their Library that contains over 140million stock photos.


    You can purchase a subscription premium plan or buy a flexible plan for a cheap and limited photo. They have organized galleries in which you can pick some images using their general categories.


    In their site, you may create photos, videos, editorial assets, and free vector art. Visit their 32 million high-quality vector-based graphics and discover what's inside their gallery.




    Explore the image library of the Bigstock and hunt for the best value photo from their 90 million stock photos, videos, and vector list.


    In the Big Stock photo, you can download any appealing and interesting images. Moreover, you can even sell images to their site. However, you should pass their review test first before your photo becomes available in their gallery. If you're looking for vector and illustration images, this is a must-try site to visit.




    Are you looking for a no filtered photo? Find your artistic side at Stocksy. You can choose among their high definition photos and check out their various image categories.


    Select the best and rare photo for your exclusive use. Make your website stand out with high quality and professional images.

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