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  • Best Landing Page Tools to Boost Your Conversions

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    You’re going to struggle to convert anybody if your landing pages aren’t configured properly. For then you might get traffic, but they won’t end up buying your product. And in that case you’re wasting time, money and effort.


    For that reason, it’s important to think about optimizing your landing pages. The great news is that there are tons of tools out there to help you do exactly that. To help you sort through them and get to grips with what the possibilities, here I’m going to cover several that can help you out.




    A great tool for if you find interacting with those people at IT difficult – Unbounce is a great teal for the not-quite tech savvy. With it you can quickly and effectively build up a page – often in less than an hour.


    Integrates directly with Wordpress (which is actually a great choice businesses), which is fantastic if that’s your platform.

    • A lot of design functionality, such as Parallax scrolling – you know, where the background doesn’t move at the same speed as the foreground?
    • Script management functionality which will make it a simple matter of cutting and pasting to add such content as Google Analytics.
    • Allows you to create custom SSL certificates to offer your users an extra level of protection and thereby boost the security credentials of your site.
    • Real time A/B testing to figure out what works and what does not.
    • Allows for multiple users and multiple accounts, which will make it a far more accessible tool for bigger companies where different people have to be able to access the same tool.


    This site will put you back about $49 per month.




    The great thing about GetResponse is that you don’t actually need to be a coding expert to use it, while allowing you to use the coding experience and ability you do have to tweak and chance it to better suit your website. That means that it’s well suited for both the layman and the experienced coder alike.


    You’ve got over 100 different templates to choose from as a starting point – which means that there aren’t going to be too many other companies using the same setup. The user experience is attractive and a lot of thought has gone into making sure that you’ll develop leads.

    • In built A/B testing so that you can really test which color and which layout works best for your site.
    • The site also has great web forms to collect data from the people that visit your site – thereby allowing you to find out more about your users and use that information to further tweak your site.
    • A photo editor that will allow you to modify your visuals, which is a vital step in pulling in your audience.
    • Easy integration with other web analytic tools such as Google Analytics.
    • And the best thing? It’s cheap, at only $15 US a month.




    Want to boost your newsletter subscription list? Then go with Leadpages. It’s what all the big boys use. And who doesn’t want to be a big boy (or girl – shouldn’t be sexist).


    • Easy customization that doesn’t require any coder knowledge. For example, you can just drag and drop pieces into place. There are also a lot of basic templates, which helps. What’s more, all of them have been optimized for mobile – which is pretty essential nowadays.
    • You want those pop-ups and lightbox ads that annoy the hell out of you but are everywhere because they work so well? Well, here you can.
    • Detailed analytics as well as A/B functionality that really lets you explore the different layouts that you want to use. Remember, don’t change everything as then you’ll never figure out how well it works.
    • Integrates well with multiple platforms like Mailchimp, aweber and Salesforce.


    This one will put you back $25 per month.


    Get Academic Help


    The custom writing site Get Academic Help is a great choice for the actual content creation part of your website. Allowing you to get high-quality content up on your website in near to no time.


    • Professional writers that can produce high quality content at tight deadlines.
    • Editing teams that are available to help you modify any text that you’ve written up – offering suggestions and insight into what will work better.
    • Experts on a wide range of topics, allowing you to offer insightful texts for the websites whatever landing page you’re trying to create.
    • Can also conduct research into whatever topic that you need to created and written up for your website.




    Strikingly is a great place to start out. This Freemium product allows you to get basic functionality for free, while also enabling you to upgrade if you’re finding that you need just that little bit more. When you use it for free you get the following functionality:


    • Easy to use design templates that don’t require any coding experience or ability.
    • Drag and drop elements, allowing you to easily design pages using the basic elements that they’ve got available.
    • Basic in-built analytics available for you to get to grips with the standard numbers before you decide to upgrade to something more complicated.
    • Either place your website on custom domains or house it on the subdomain at no cost.
    • If you go pro (for $20 a month) then you get some additional functionality.
    • Apps from their inhouse store to make your page that much more effective and responsive.
    • The ability to get dirty with the code by adding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as additional analytical information.


    Last words


    So, armed with those tools you’re in a much better position to design the ultimate landing page, with a great user experience, where the bounce rate is low and the conversion rate is high. Sure, they might set you back a little bit (though none of them are that expensive), but if used correctly they’ll generate enough leads that you should easily recuperate the costs.


    After all, your landing page is the first thing that your visitor sees. Therefore, it’s vital that it makes a good impression. Otherwise, it won’t matter what else your site has to offer, as they’ll bounce right on out of there.

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