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  • Best IDE for Angular 2

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    In this article, we will go through the different code editors and IDE’s which are useful in angular2.


    Visual Studio code:  Visual Studio code is developed by Microsoft and it is relatively new, microsoft has developed the TypeScript and also worked on angular2 with google. That is why visual studio code supports the Typescript, which is the base in angular2 that is building components of Angular. Visual Studio code supports highlighting the errors and syntax and also useful for autocomplete for TypeScript.


    WebStorm:  WebStorm supports TypeScript just like Visual Studio code. It also supports error and syntax highlighting and autocomplete. WebStorm have a built-in transpiler, which helps you to compile TypeScript into pure JavaScript with support of file watching. WebStorm also have a list of good features that other IDEs don’t have, but it is not free.
    This code editor by IntelliJ is good for coding Angular 2 apps based on TypeScript. It has built-in support for TypeScript out of the box so that you can start developing Angular 2 component.


    Sublime Text 3: Sublime Text editor is one of the mostly used code editors. You can download and install this online easily. and also node is important as Typescript can not be installed without NPM.

    You can also use Angular IDE. It has HTML auto-complete and validation. it also provides these things:

    * validating TypeScript 2.0 and debugging

    * Integrated usage of the angular-cli

    * TypeScript debugging
        * Setting some breakpoints in TypeScript code in the Angular IDE
        * Checking and exploring the values of variable
        * Evaluating Typescript code

    * HTML Template Intelligence
        * Angular 2 custom attributes validation
        * any undefined NG2 element tags detection
        * auto-complete any html elements
        * auto-complete any expression of TypeScript

    you can easily install it using npm:
    1. > npm install -g angular-ide
    2. > ngide install ~/Development/angular-ide
    3. > ngide open Foo.ts


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