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  • Benefits of an Online Invoicing Program for a Freelancer

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    Technology advancement has made it possible for many talented people across the globe to work as freelancers sitting at any corner of the world. Being a freelancer is often thought of pursuing a more relaxed lifestyle, but there are harsh, stark realities attached to the tag of a freelancer too.

    Tracking outstanding payments contribute the most to the woes of freelancers, apart from finding work of course. Many freelancers who are not sufficiently versed in bookkeeping and accountancy face the brunt of ineptitude at generating correct invoices and keeping a track of due payments. Such payment-related issues have adverse effects on work quality and efficiency of freelancers. Payment related issues force many freelancers to spend most of the time worrying about status of their outstanding payments.

    However, with technology all is not lost, ever. There are a few tools to help a freelancer take care of their invoices and payments. And as happens in most cases, paperless invoicing is the best way to ensure faster invoice generation and faster payment. You also do not spend time in agony if you have lost previous invoices for which payments are still due, since online invoice software keeps the track of all your generated invoices.

    Benefits of online invoicing program are as follows:

    • Helps generate accurate invoice.
    • Removes complexity of preparing invoice.
    • Saves time to focus on other important tasks.
    • Sends payment notification.
    • Easy payment tracking.
    • Allows access from anywhere in the world.
    • Faster payments.

    Some tech companies understand this plight of freelancers and offer solutions in form of invoicing software to reduce hassles of generating invoices, sending them and checking bank accounts to confirm if the payments have been made.

    Payment transfer notification is among many benefits of online invoicing programs. This saves time of freelancers to check their bank information for due payments on their own. It happens quite happen that freelancers wait for their payments in vain without any update. But invoicing program helps them know the payment status by sending reminders to the concerned person.

    Although there are many online invoicing programs available, many freelancers may find them expensive. However, there are some online project task management tools, like FindNerd, that offer free online invoice program along with options to find work and post projects.

    FindNerd helps maintain transparency when it comes to payment and number of hours you work for. Situations could arise when your customer believes that your invoice shows more numbers of hours than you have actually worked for. Even if you have worked for as many hours as displayed by the invoice, chances are high for you getting paid for less numbers of hours due to your customers wrong belief. However, FindNerds time tracker leaves no room for such a confusion as the customer could himself verify if the numbers of hours worked are in line with the ones shown in the invoice.

    Online invoicing program streamlines the process of invoicing and payments, thus adds a touch of professionalism. Freelancers will find it difficult to stay away too long from online invoice software.

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