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  • Benefits of Ionic Frameworks In App Development 2019

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    If you are new to ionic frameworks and its use in ionic app development, then this blog can be useful for you.

    Here, we are going to explain you the benefits of ionic framework in app development.

    Before that ...


    What exactly is ionic framework?

    Ionic framework is an open source software development kit that uses web technologies like HTML5, CSS and javascript. It is built on angularjs and apache corodova. It makes high-performing and high-quality mobile and web apps that not only look good but, feel good also.


    It works on UI interaction. Some of its components can be used as API like config or platform. To provide native functionality to an app, we use the ionic native. It helps to write hybrid app in javacript with apache corodova. It provides various themes and icons that are easy to customize.


    All the above feature makes ionic framework more lucrative. Around 32.7% of developers surveyed are going to abandon native development in favor of ionic app development.


    So, now you would have got an idea about what ionic framework is?

    Let’s move further....


    Features and Advantages of Ionic app


    1. AngularJs Based Structure

    Ionic framework is based on angularJs structure, that enables the developers to use a combination of many languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This let the developers to outline innovative UI and create easy to understand features in the mobile app. That is why, ionic app are more managable and creative. Having JS, HTML and CSS allows developers to add features like popups, bullets navigations box, etc.

    If a developer knows these langauges then building and learning ionic app development becomes easier.


    2. Platform Independent Framework

    Ionic framwork can recognize the platform specific advanced CSS proportional to the native look and feel on various mobile operatiing systems. It gives the codes of mobile- optimized HTML, CSS and JavaScript components, which reduces the requirement of code changing.


    3. Default user interface

    Ionic encompasses many deafult JavaScript and CSS parts. Having these basic things makes ionic mobile app development a lot more easier and smooth. As you know, its themes and components can be customized. That why, these apps can easily adapt to the platform they are being run on.

    Ionic uses CSS transitions as a way to leverage the GPU and maximize available processor time.


    4. Cross-Platform App Development

    Ionic apps are compatible with all the devices. Its lets you write the same app once for many platforms. It supports Android 4.1 and up, iOS 7 and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). These apps take less time and efforts to be developed.


    5. Cordova Plugins

    Cordova Plugins come with the app and are coded in JavaScript. These Plugins helps developers to use different components of the ionic framework like GPS and camera.


    6. Command Line Interface (CLI)

    CLI enables developers to create their projects with a single command line. It also allow them to add cordova plugins, front-end packages, push notification and app icons.

    • Ionic apps are full of features that make it look beautiful and faster.
    • Everything has its own pros and cons. So does the ionic app development.
    • You would have understood its benefits by now.


    Disadvantage of Ionic App

    Let’s move further, and talk about the disadvantages of ionic mobile app development...


    1. Security

    Native apps are more secure and recommended when it comes to develoing apps that needs more security like financial apps.


    2. Limited native functionality

    There are many native functions that are not available in ionic framework. For that, either you have to develop the plugins on your own or use the ones that are available.


    3. Build In-app navigation is complex

    Here is more negativity, change in build in navigation in ionic is another challenging job for the developers, its real-time build-in navigation create hard time for developers to modify. So, the term is well suite with this!


    4. It is not suited for high-end graphics dependent applications

    Don’t expect much more! If you are trying to build hybrid application using Opencart you also lost the high-end graphic dependent application. It is hard to core and frame graphics as it dependency not made for that. But still developers love as it save time and easy friendly tools.



    Ionic apps are high performing and it has made creating hybrid apps easier and faster. You just have write code once and the app will run on multiple platforms. A few critics will still be in the favour of native apps. But in today’s instant world everyone needs instant result and that is provided by ionic app- Easy to create and easy to use, and that too, without compromising with the speed and performance.

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