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  • Basics of IP addressing

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    What is IP Address ?

    • IP is an address which is given to each and every device in a network.
    • It's a logical address given to devices in a network.
    • It Works in Network layer

    IP Versions:

    1> IPv4
      - 32 bits(represented by 0 and 1)    
      - IP address is in binary form i.e  4 octets of 8 bits each
         01010111.00000111.10111111.10000001 =
     2> IPv6
      - 128 bits address
      - IP address has 8 octets separated by colons

    Range of IP address:

    This range is further divided into classes.

      CLASS           RANGE        OCTET_FORMAT     No_Of_N/W        No_Of_Hosts
      A               0-127          N.H.H.H         126             1,67,77,216
      B             128-191          N.H.H.H         16384           65536
      C             192-223          N.H.H.H         2097152         256
      D             224-239
      E             240-255

    *H Host Single device
    *N Network Collection of host

                       PRIVATE IP                                 PUBLIC IP    
        Used with the LAN or within organization.      Used on Public network (Internet)
        Not recognized on internet                     Recognized on internet
        Given by Admin                                 Given by service provider (IANA)
        Unique within network organization             Globally unique
        Unregistered IP                                Registered IP
        Free of cost                                   Pay to service provider (or IANA)

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