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  • Aynchronous Routing in ember js

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    It is not possible to have two db queries in model hook of ember js router. You can either create two router files- one for fetching the new records from database and the another one for fetching record.

    That is not a good approach to create two route files for two similar actions.


    If you are stucked in such a case you can follow my approach:-


    I used Ember.RSVP and created to json elements, one for creating a record and the another one for fetching the records from clubsetting collection.

    import AuthenticatedRoute from 'ghost-admin/routes/authenticated';
    import Config from 'ghost-admin/config';
    var self,
        error = "",
        success = "",
        validator = Config.settings;
    export default AuthenticatedRoute.extend({
        titleToken: 'Setting',
        model() {
            return Ember.RSVP.hash({
              settings:'clubsetting', {}).then((record) => {
                    return record;
        renderTemplate(controller, model) {
            this.render('club-configuration/edit', {
                model: model.settings
        setupController: function(controller, model) {
            controller.set('model', model.settingModel);
            controller.set('flagDelete', true);
            controller.set('error', error);
            controller.set('success', success);


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