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  • AngularJS Basic, Value, Service, Factory & Provider Example and description

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    Hi Readers,

    I recently got my attention to new JavaScript framework that is AngularJS. I read lots of articles about it but I usually do not understand anything just by reading about it. I am more about the practical person and can not actually make difference until I actually create small examples for better understanding. I knew the same case is with many of my friends out there who would like to see small examples.

    This is just a small try to give everyone a sneak peek to the main features you hear about when you read AngularJS. In the following examples I tried to get the area of a circle with the radius entered by the end user. As my main motive is to give readers a very simple example to see the working of it without complicating the things.

    To understand about all these please read AngularJS documentation :

    1) Basic radius example.

    a) Simple AngularJS example :-
    b) Simple AngularJS example with constant:-

    2) Radius using Service.

    a) Simple Services example :-
    b) Advance Service example :-

    3) Radius using Value.

    a) Simple Value example :-
    b) Advance Value example :-

    4) Radius using Factory.

    a) Simple Factory example :-
    b) Advance Factory example :-
    b) Advance Factory example with constant:-

    5) Radius using Provider.

    a) Simple Provider example :-
    b) Advance Provider example :-

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