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  • Angular Components: Developer Guide for Beginners: Free Video Tutorial Session 2

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    Hello Guys,


    I'm back with my second video tutorial session on angular components. Here we will be discussing each and every important point about components. Before digging deep into it, let's first focus on what is an angular component all about?



    Angular Component Intro


    Components in angular are the basic building blocks which are used for the UI development within an angular application. An angular application consists of different nodes of angular components. Angular components are an important part and the subset of various directives which are associated with different templates. They inhere to the NgModule so that components are available to another component or applications. 


    Let's explore more about Angular component.


    A component in angular is a component of these three things:


    1. Template
    2. Class
    3. Decorator/MetaData


    • A template defines the user interface. Contains the HTML, directives and data bindings.
    • Class is like the class defined in any other object-oriented programming language. It contains the code required for the template. It contains properties and methods.
    • Decorators add metadata to the class and make a normal class an Angular component.

    In this angular video tutorial about components, we will cover the following:


    • What are components in Angular?
    • How to create a component?
    • How to style a component? 
    • Template VS template Url?
    • Nesting components?


    ANGULAR        =  Angular Version 2/4/5/6/7
    ANGULAR.JS   =  Angular 1


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