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  • An Overview to HTML5

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    What is HTML5?
    • It is a Hyper Text Markup Language which is used for structuring and presenting content on Internet.
    • It is the current version for HTML.
    • Its previous version was HTML 4.01.
    • It is the 5'th version of the HTML standard.
    • It's main aim to improve the language that supports latest multimedia and easily accessible for the developers.
      Some rules for HTML5:-
    1. All the new features introduced should be based on HTML, CSS , DOM , and JavaScript.
    2. It reduces the need for the additional plugins.
    3. It has better error handling technique.
    4. It is device independent.
    5. It has more markup for replacing the scripting.
      Key Features of HTML5 :-
    • It also includes various processing models for extending and improving the markup available for the document.
    • For complex web applications, HTML5 has introduced markup and Application Programming Interface i.e. API.
    • Due to its enhanced features for tablets and smartphones it acts as a cross platform for mobile applications.
    • The API and Document Object Model (DOM) are included in the fundamental part of the HTML5.
    Difference b/w HTML4 and HTML5:-



    1. In html4 the syntax for Doctype is :-


    <!DOCTPE HTML PUBLIC”-//W3C//DTD HTML4.01//EN” “”>

    1. In html5 the syntax for Doctype is :-


    <!DOCTYPE html>

    2. It does not support Audio and Video.

    2. It supports Audio and Video using <audio> and <video> tags.

    3. It supports vector graphics with the help of Silverlight , Flash etc.

    3. Vector Graphics is supported using the canvas and SVG tags.

    4. It does not have GeoLocation feature in it for mobile devices.

    4. It has JS GeoLocation API feature in it for identifying location of a user.

    5. For temporary storage browser cache is used.

    5. For Client-side- storage Application Cache and SQL Database are used.

    6.It does not allow the JavaScript to run in the browser.

    6. We can easily run JavaScript in it.

    7. It works with all old browsers.

    7. It is supported in all modern browsers.

    Some New Features in HTML5 -
    • For graphical and multimedia contents HTML5 has introduced Canvas and <audio>,<video> tags.
    • For Scalable Vector Graphics contents its uses its new element called SVG.
    • For including mathematical content in the document it has introduced MathML element.
     Browser Support :-

    HTML5 supports all the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and IE 9.0 with all its new features.

    Solution to the browser limitations in HTML5:-

    There is a way to use all the new features with the older browsers with the help of “POLYFILL” that uses an additional code that provides all facilities that are not present in the web browsers in which a user is navigating.

    It main function is to fill the gap generated in the older browsers that do not support various HTML5 functionality.

    Below is the list of various polyfills these are :-

    1. htmlshiv

    2. prefix-free

    3. Selectivizr

    4. Flexie

    5. CSS3 PIE

    6. JSON2

    7. FlashCanvas

    8. es5-shim

    9. MediaElement.js

    10. Webshims Lib


    Hence, therefore in this blog , I have explained a brief description on HTML5 with its features.

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