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  • An Intimate Check into 3 of Modern Logo Design Styles

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    Those among you who have been involved in designing and developing logos-have you noticed any change in your designs with the passing time? Have your designs turned into more primitive in their essence? Are you applying geometric shapes as a basic ingredient? Or do you put patterns, textures, and types within circles to create a perfect logo?


    It would be no wonder if you've tried any of these since these practices of logo designing are in trend now. Professional logo design service applies such trendy designs to the logos and creates ideal designs for its worthy customers. A logo is the façade of your business or to say in other words, your company logo is your brand identity. Therefore, it needs to be very impressive and it should convey the message and vision of your business. This purpose of the business logo can be achieved only if you have a logo developed with the latest styles and trends. In this write-up, we are going to have a check into 3 of modern logo design styles. Do enjoy the post and get some inspiration for your concepts and let your imagination work, it will enhance the prospects for your business.


    Kiss is Coming Back


    The designers are revolting against intricacy in the modern age. They are turning to simplicity. Simplicity generates an impact that is both impressive and striking. Modern-day logo designers are taking advantage of this naïveté to develop a symbol that is powerful and memorable. Two plain and identifiable images are skillfully entwined to bring out a memorable logo.


    Absolute Geometry is a Lot More Palpable as a Basic Element in Logos


    In recent times, it is all concerned with simplicity of form and structure. As a matter of fact, there has been an expansion in the application of circles that are more fundamental to logo design, in an especially stripped down theme.


    Gardener, a professional logo designer, states that an increasing number of designers are adopting the geometric patterns-and obviously a greater number of clients and companies are escorting them in this adventure. It may be deducted that simple logos in this modern age are serving to illustrate a business whose services and products are probably plain and stand up for themselves.


    We observed this geometric style made its appearance in Conduit Studios logo of Rockford Constructions the Morton, a 100 years old building, which has been renewed and restored into a modern residential building. The innovative and creative team of professional designers has developed a symbol attributing naïve, exquisite and efficient application of geometry.


    “It’s doesn’t get much purer than a circle and square,” Ladd says. “These geometric forms are anchored together by positioning the first ‘O’ in the center, and the square stroke frames the rest of the wordmark evenly around.”


    The Conduit Studios claims that the property required a fresh logo to serve as a signal toward its past whilst in the meantime touching the current and modern look, with the aim of aging graciously. The team explained that they had retained the central logo individuality exquisite and magnificent while at the same time granting secondary type applications and masks that helped the emblem give out a sense of exhilarating, modernity and fascinating to youthful professional lodgers. The demand for the client was fulfilled in a creative manner.


    The third trend in logo designs goes as;


    Graphics and Tokens Perched Cuddly Within Circles. Designers are tinkering with Types, Patterns, and Textures Within these Orderly Spheres


    Amidst logo design award winners, Phoenix the Creative Studio carried out it is designing in a remarkable way. They effectively implemented logo designing as well as logo design variations in their designed logo for Tonik Agency (a news agency). The creative team of designers designed a logo with a number of variations.


    Perceptible fascination and purpose are included in the simple retaining sphere form by implementing inside it a wide range of patterns and lines. These are diverse but these are held together as an arrangement owing to the regularity of the spherical shape to lodge these all.


    Nicola and Paguet, the designers, point out that since the objective of a newswire is to broadcast news and information, so they tried the “visual diffusion”. They pointed out;


    “The logo represents the effect of water droplets (the news) and waves that they generate falling into the water. The ripples are the news displayed at large. With the same concept, we developed the visual thereafter for each news categories (sports, arts and culture, finance, entertainment, travel, business, and politics)."


    It is fun to play with different colors, hues, shades, patterns, and shapes while designing a logo. Logo designs have been transformed from intricate and complex ones to simpler ones with the passage of time. In this day and age, plain logos having not more than two colors and containing simpler geometric shapes are gaining popularity.


    An excellent logo design stands the brand out among its competitors. Custom logo design service has a firm resolution to provide its clients with fine, memorable, excellent, scalable, simple, effective, and flexible logos or emblems. The designers here cautiously take all the latest and popular trends in logo designing before starting up establishing a new logo design for the clients. They generate the best logos for the respective clients by deeply understanding the nature and vision of a particular business.

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