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  • Adobe Photoshop CC shortcut keys for Windows

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    Move V
    Marquee tools M
    Lasso Tools L
    Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement, Mixer Brush B
    Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch, Red Eye J
    Eyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, Count  I
    Crop and Slice Tools C
    Quick Selection, Magic Wand W
    Lasso Tools L
    Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp S
    History Brush, Art History Brush Y
    Eraser Tools E
    Gradient, Paint Bucket G
    Dodge, Burn, Sponge O
    Pen Tools P
    Type Tools T
    Quick Mask Mode Q
    Switch Foreground and Background colors X
    Default Colors D
    Zoom Z
    Rotate View R
    Hand H
    3D Camera Tools N
    3D Tools K
    Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom Shape U




    New Layer Ctrl + Shift + N
    Delete Layer Delete Key (When Move tool selected)
    Select non-contiguous layers Ctrl-Click layers
    Select contiguous layers Click one layer, then Shift-Click another layer
    View contents of layer mask Alt + Click layer mask icon
    Temporarily turn off layer mask Shift + Click layer mask icon
    Copy layer as you move it Alt + Drag
    Select layer containing object Right + Click on the object w/Move tool
    Move layer below/above current layer
    Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ]
    Switch to layer below/above current layer Alt + [ and Alt + ]
    Change Layer opacity Number pad keys (w/Move tool selected)




    Apply Last Filter Ctrl + F
    Hand Tool Spacebar
    Opens Last Filter Dialog Box Ctrl + Alt + F
    Undo or Redo operations  Ctrl + Alt + Z / Ctrl + Shift + Z
    Reset Dialog Box Hold Alt & Cancel turns into Reset Button, Click it
    Snap Guide to Ruler ticks Hold Shift while dragging
    Switch between open documents Ctrl + Tab

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