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  • Access from external py script

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    Hi, I am trying to integrate my existing code into django. How do i access from my external code.I tried putting it in the same apps directory it did not work. Is there a way ? 

    My Case: I have a web parsing code that takes data from the web and prints it. I want to integrate it with django so as to save that data in the db and print it out in the web page. I want the input to come from the webpage and when i hit submit it triggers the parsing code and gives output on the page.

    I have the django server up and running, created the apps (startapp), have the table created via, have the setup. My question is how or where do I put my external code to make it trigger to access models .py, will it execute by itself when I start the server and hit the submit button ( i know i have to configure this one)

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  • You can write a django management command which can be run as 

    `python <command-name>`

    it can be kept at app_name > management > commands >

    It will have access to all your django app code models/ methods from views or any classes.

    Take the reference from Django-Custom-Command link.

    You can call the same method from your web browser clicking a button if it links to that method using views.


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