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  • 8 Development Tips to Build Better React.JS Applications in 2018

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    For a JS developer, availability of vast libraries and frameworks can be overwhelming. As JavaScript is vast, users can pick a wide array of tools that pop up regularly. Among these, react.js is an interesting framework for building user interfaces. It is widely used by the top companies and experienced developers as well. With increasing use of react.js, better features are introduced to improve the code quality. The compilation of these essential react.js tips helps the developers to manage the projects in a better way.


    Here are a few tips to build effective react.js apps and bring your project to a new level -                          


    1.  Keep It Transparent

    When choosing your tools, be wise and avoid complications. Easy-to-use tools are appropriate in developing the projects over time rather than dealing with complex technologies. Using bootstrap with create-react-app is amazingly easy to run applications and served on a network with use of the single command.


    2.  Try Something New

    As a developer, never afraid to work on new things. React.js is a dynamic platform as you always found a ready-to-go solution for all your complications. Make sure never forget to check online for the latest tools, styles and state management libraries while working on your projects.


    3. Opt React 16

    With the release of React 16, it’s a good opportunity for the developers to work smarter. This invention increases the chances to migrate to a simple version and perform neat improvements. The only need is to pick the top features from the official release notes and start working on it.


    4. Grasp React.js Patterns

    Libraries never remain static as they come and go where the patterns are never-ending. Remain on studying common patterns that influence developing react.js project from reacting patterns page. Once it draws your interest, further have wider knowledge about the higher order components, presentational components, and child components.


    5. Integrate Platform Properly

    It’s crucial to integrate the web apps properly with the browser as a user expect them to navigate with history buttons, shareable by URL and more. If any of these are missing, then it can frustrate the audience. For this, you can get familiar with the new Web APIs and make a good use of it.


    6. Deepen Your Understanding

    Apart from learning the React.js concepts, work on dummy project without JSX. It will get closer you with underlying vDOM. By understanding vDOM and reconciliation, it becomes easier for you to optimize your apps effectively. Also, give deepen study to context API and its tissues to relate with context sharing of libraries i.e. MobX and Redux.


    7. Turn To Offline

    Always optimized for shaky connections like Offline Cookbook as it provides a detailed overview of offline caching strategies with Service Workers. At the first time, the cookbook might be overwhelming and to have a nice start, a Create-react-app can give proper offline support. Google Workbox and Firebase can get you started and prepare the data for offline usage.


    8. Upgrade To Slow Devices

    There are also most of the people who use web apps on low-end devices with an awful network. Not only satisfied with the speed of MacBook, even its performance. Before acting, it’s better to have a rough idea of the improvements and then only go to a new web pack dashboard to see where you lack behind. To enhance the performance, work on code splitting and dynamic imports. Not only the size of the code matters, but the quality is also the biggest concern. Sure to improve your apps with latest official React.js optimization tips.


    Hope these React.JS tips will make you confident in building modern front-end applications. By implementing these few pieces of advice, you can optimize the high performance of your projects. If you desire to practice coding and learn basic yet important tips and tricks for programming, visit CodeFights. It is a platform that helps you enhance your coding skills, and giving you an edge over the others.

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