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  • 8 Best Grammar Checkers to Enhance Content Skills

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    Grammar checkers are helpful to everyone, from those who don’t possess writing skills to professional proofreaders. It helps to detect mistakes that are not noticeable at first glance. If you make lots of mistakes in your essays, for example, one of the ways out is to get a cheap essay from an academic assistance service. However, there are special checkers that can help you as well. 


    If you are not near an experienced mentor who can check your text for errors, you can one of the following great applications for checking grammar. Grammar checking programs can do more than simply reveal errors that you yourself have not noticed. Such programs can explain why you made a mistake, and help not to make such mistakes again.


    In this post, we will talk about, in our opinion, the most successful online applications for detecting grammatical errors. They will help you find mistakes and generally increase your English proficiency.




    Before we begin, an important note: no grammar checking program can detect 100% of errors! This is useful software, but it will not replace your basic knowledge of English grammar. 


    1. Microsoft Word

    Before you download a special application for grammar checking, why not pay attention to the well-known Microsoft Word text editor? MS Word has a built-in grammar tool that is useful for both beginners and experts in English. Microsoft Word highlights misspelled words in red, and syntax shortcomings in green. If you right-click on a word with an error, possible options for corrections will open.


    Moreover, in the settings of Microsoft Word, you can select the particular dialect of English (American, British, etc.). It is significant because grammar and spelling are different in various dialects (most notably in British and American English).


    2. Grammarly

    Today, many of us write texts mostly online. Many blogging platforms have built-in grammar checking programs, but they only reveal the most obvious errors and typos. Grammarly, a plug-in for the Chrome browser, will help you write competent online texts. Grammarly will help you write any online text, such as for a blog, email, and other texts.


    The application notifies about missing quotes and repeating words, and also advises which word is better to use in this context. Most importantly, Grammarly explains in detail why a word or punctuation mark is used incorrectly. With the help of Grammarly, your mistakes turn into visual lessons in English grammar.


    3. Ginger

    You can use Ginger with a Microsoft Word document. In addition, Ginger supports other platforms, such as web browsers, Mac, etc. This grammar checker shows synonyms of typed words. The grammar tool checks and corrects lots of different types of grammar errors. Its proofreading is very accurate.


    4. LanguageTool

    LanguageTool is available as extensions for Chrome and Firefox, a desktop version, and plug-ins for MS Office. There is a plugin for LibreOffice, Google Docs, and a dozen other programs, including Eclipse and Emacs. To understand the quality of checking grammar, the Chrome extension should be enough, because the rules of the program are the same everywhere. A dozen languages are available for checking. The language is automatically detected and nothing needs to be configured.


    5. Hemingway Editor

    Hemingway is an online service and application for Windows and OS X that will be useful to anyone who works with text. It helps to find overloaded sentences and reduce them, making it easier for readers to read the text. In an era when any person can write and have their own audience, it’s difficult to stand out, but Hemingway helps with it. 


    6. SpellCheckPlus 

    SpellCheckerPlus was designed by teachers for people learning English. SpellCheckPlus will check the text well enough for the presence of a sufficiently large number of grammatical errors, but it lacks consistency. Although it corrects the grammar well, it doesn’t “catch” syntax errors at all. Errors in the use of adjectives and adverbs are unnoticed. This program was also unable to detect and correct certain punctuation errors that users deliberately made to check the program. However, when talking about grammar, it does a great job.


    7. ProWritingAid

    ProWritingAid is another grammar checking tool. It is suitable for all writers. It is a decent punctuation and grammar checking tool. This checker gives you feedback on your writing style based on suggestions. This spelling and grammar checking tool can help you eliminate duplicate or unclear words. In addition, you can avoid the use of cliches. This tool also has a plagiarism checker. You also get seamless integration with Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, etc.


    Whatever your abilities are, ProWritingAid can help you reach new heights in writing. Great writing depends not only on correct grammar. You need an editing tool that also highlights style issues and compares your writing with the best writers in your genre. ProWritingAid helps you find the best way to express your ideas. 


    This software automatically offers thousands of style enhancements so you can easily edit. ProWritingAid searches for elements such as repeatability, vague wording, changing sentence lengths, over-dependence on adverbs, passive voice, overly complex sentences, and more (25 reports in total). Tools such as a word guide and contextual thesaurus can help you find the perfect words.


    8. White Smoke

    This is a program that allows you to check not only spelling, but also grammar. Using the program is very simple: with an easy and intuitive interface, the checking process takes a short time. WhiteSmoke will find most of the simplest grammar and spelling errors, but the program will skip most of the more complex but important errors. This program also does not check for plagiarism, which for some may be important. WhiteSmoke also skips the incorrect use of adjectives and adverbs, but this program will be able to tell when to write a word with a capital letter.


    All these programs, sites, and applications are convenient and fairly easy to use. However, don’t forget that you should check your writing yourself as well. Try to use these tools as learning tools to determine what errors you often make, and avoid them in the future.

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