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  • 7 No-Nonsense Social Media Management Tools

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    Social Media  is the secret ingredient to generate new leads and traffic for your business.


    Social media tools have the capability to monitor, analyze and manage information related to a number of social media accounts through a single product. Monitoring process includes tracking, listening and gathering of the information. Analytics is the practice of accumulation of the data to measure the effectiveness and provide information to marketing, customer service and sales. Management includes engaging with people or communities, integrating the accounts across various media platforms and automating the posts.


    A presence on all the leading Social Media Platforms and the use of amazing Social Media Management tools is considered essential for the businesses of today. Social networking tools benefits businesses by enhancing the brand persona, increasing inbound traffic, launching a new product, converting the visitors into customers, minimizing the market costs and increasing the SEO rankings.


    It is time that you organize your social media tool box by adding some new and efficient tools that will act as a game changer to achieve various strategic business objectives and short term goals.


    Below is the detailed description of top social media tools that that are used by social media managers across the globe.




    Buffer is an amazing tool that lets you post the social media content across various social media accounts. With the help of Buffer, you can create a post for Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. You are able to choose when you post and what days you post on. Schedule it for once and it turns out to be a big time saver.  Besides, it also provides the detailed social media analytics about the reach and engagement of your posts.




    HootSuite is considered as one the most revered social media management tools which is used by more than 10 million social media professionals across the globe. It is capable of executing Facebook and Twitter campaigns from a web-based dashboard. One can manage tracking conversions and measure the campaign results through web and mobile devices. It is an enterprise level tool for advanced message scheduling, managing social media profiles and enhanced analytics. Hootsuite is operational with team tools to assist in creating the content for social media.



    Screenshot from 2016-06-21 17:46:23.png


    “IF This…Then That” is an amazing Internet automation tool that helps you save a lot of precious time  in managing several social media channels through recipes. It enables you to easily connect any social media channel or network to automate sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Like getting an email notification when your best-loved writer posts a new article or sending a facebook status update everytime you post a blog on your wordpress. Not only this, it works well with other social media analytics tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Thereby enhancing the reach and capabilities of social media experts.


    Every Post



    Easy-to-use black and white dashboard of EveryPost simplifies your social media business and makes social media management a breeze. It lets you schedule customized posts, curate and share visual content. Once you login, you can add the accounts and update the posts. You can easily connect your Pinterest, LInkedIn, Google+ and several other social media accounts.You can also post and share updates from your iPhone and Android mobile devices. You also have the option to “post it now or schedule it for later”. EveryPost’s Interface is easy to use and is embedded with a number of cool and handy features.




    Screenshot from 2016-06-21 17:43:31.png


    SocialOomph is one of the best social media marketing tool. Registering for an account is simple, verify it through your email and you’re ready. You can choose to use the free version of the software, which has certain limitations. If you sign up for a 7 day trial service, you can use premium features. Social Oomph comes embedded with a number of premium option that enables you to use Linkedin, facebook and schedule photos. It offers awesome welcome messages and instant follow back feature. SocialOomph requires minimal effort and produces maximal results.


    Sprout Social



    Sprout Social has an overwhelming interface. It is somewhat different than other tools as its operations focuses on maintaining healthier and more open engagement between a customer and the business. You will greeted with instructions and certain statistics right away. You can see all the profiles and team members attached to your account. Trends and audience demographics are also visible. You can easily manage the tasks that you have assigned and can easily share the updates by scheduling them in advance. Apart from that the tool provides custom pricing plan as well.




    Known for its easy to use interface and customizable dashboard, Crowdbooster scores high over the other management tools. Crowdbooster works with Facebook and Twitter in real time to give accurate data and quick reports. The report also include number of shares, tweets, retweets, replies, followers, impressions, etc. You can engage your audiences at your best time depending on the suitable time to tweet, when to engage, who to follow, etc.


    Conclusion : Each social media tools for business is near perfect and has specific set of advantages and special features. It comes down to individuals and what they personally prefer.


    As Social Media Specialists, which tool would you use to manage the information at Social Media? Does your marketing team use any of these tools?


    Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Thank You!

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