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  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Website Visitor-Friendly

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    User-friendly websites are typically well-made websites. They are designed with a focus of making every feature easy to use. Gone are the days when business owners used to embrace the use of websites for only promotional and information sharing purposes.


    Due to the rise of competition in the online market, today's users have also become more demanding when it comes to their expectations on various website designs and functionality. And to meet this demand, businesses are now using their websites to provide an exceptional customer experience, which in return help with the traffic conversion rates.


    If you're starting out, here are a few essential tips on how to keep your website user-friendly:

    1: Build A responsive navigation

    Ensure that visitors to your website can easily find their way around it. This also applies to those using mobile devices. Your aim should be to give them the flexibility to use any device at whatever time and still be able to find the information they need. Here you can let your developer help you choose between making it responsive or use the mobile-first design. While at it, remember to maintain the simplicity of the navigation. Complex pages are a thing of the past.

    2: Make Your Site Superfast

    Nowadays people don't have the patience to wait on low loading websites. If they notice it's taking more than 3 seconds to open, they're probably going to jump to the next available option. So no matter what, ensure to make your site lightning fast. You don't want to be the reason why your competitors enjoy high traffic.


    3: Ensure It's Easily Searchable

    Visitors to your website might be techno-savvy, but sometimes they can find it difficult to locate what they're searching for. Make this pretty easy for everyone by incorporating a searching feature. They will appreciate your effort to save their time.


    4: Maximize On Images

    Gone are the days that people had time to read through a lot of text. Nowadays, if they see a site that's filled with a lot of writing, they are likely to find a site with less text. Instead, maximize on the use of colorful images accompanied by little text. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    5: Let The Call-To -Actions Stand-out

    Don't let your visitors leave your site with no clue of what they're supposed to do. Yes, you clearly know what to expect from every visitor on each page, but don't assume they do. Ensure the CAT is clearly visible and strategically placed. If for instance, you want to gather some information from your audience, it's advisable to include an online form. For that, visit Typeform to get more information and move towards building trust with your visitors.

    6: Make Your Content Easy To Understand

    Don't assume that every visitor to your website has the same academic and professional qualifications as you. It's always good to avoid unnecessary jargon and maintain the language simplicity. Be precise and make reading attractive by incorporating bullet points, short paragraphs, numbering, etc.


    Therefore, it's one thing to build a website and another to maintain its success. Ensuring your site remains user-friendly is one way of staying at the top of the competition. Remember, people don't have the patience to understand simple errors and mistakes. So the more precise and error-free your website is, the better for everyone.

    6 Ways to Keep Your Website Visitor-Friendly

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